We Told You So, Andrew!

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balloonsNY City police this passing summer have been bombarded with water-filled balloons by residents of the City. Disgraced, they simply drove away, making no arrests for the assault. In addition, it appears that they could care less what this looked like, giving the middle finger to Gov. Cuomo, Mayor DeBlasio, the City Council, the News Media and the community as a whole. The image is striking; the consequence of a long standing and never-ending assault by these leaders on the police, depicting them as low-lifes and criminals and lending them no support, indicting them and jailing them in some cases.

When DeBlasio addresses them they turn their backs on him in an unprecedented sign of utter contempt. This suggests that currently, if you need police assistance your going to have to wait until after they finish their second donut and settle for a clean-up squad, after the fact. You’d be better off calling for the guy with the water hose.

If those balloonists were arrested, in that hot summer heat, you most likely would have had a riot. If the hydrant was shut-off and locked, you would have had a riot. If those cops practiced policing as they should, and a riot ensued, they would have jeopardized their job, their very existence. It’s more than likely that they would have been suspended and subjected to a hearing and all that nasty stuff that follows in Lefty Land.

Gov. Cuomo, the enabler himself, is embarrassed and suggests more training. I suggest that the police have already received their on-the-job training and have learned their lessons well. Not only are they practicable but prudent and learned. They are there on-the-job every day, practicing, practicing, practicing all that they have learned.
It is the Governor, the Mayor and the City Council members that need training as to the consequences of what they do. They are in the throes of being taught a lesson for which they will never understand and the City and eventually the State will suffer for it.

The post below is from our archives and a satire of hypothetical remedies that could be expected in the future from the dimwits we have leading us.

Police Blotter-Year 2023
From the pages of The NY Democrat (formerly The NY Times):

January 1, 2023. Over the past few years and after hundreds of police officers throughout the State having been indicted and punished for improper policing of one sort or another, the Attorney General of NY State facing an unprecedented rise in crime over the last few years was forced to conduct a different investigation and found that NY State Police departments officers in various jurisdictions are sitting back and either not responding to or delaying response to 911 calls and mirroring tactics that have led to crime increases in Chicago and various other cities in the Country.

Gov Cuomo reacted swiftly and has ordered new interdepartmental regulations requiring stiffer monitoring of local and state police officers activities. He in addition, and addressing the police department crisis in the State, has issued an executive order splitting the departments in all the affected areas into two sections; assigning response to 911 calls dependent on the officers political affiliation. 911 callers in addition to their need for help must identify their political party affiliation. Either a Republican or a Democrat officer will be assigned to respond to any incident dependent on the 911 callers political affiliation.

The departments were split with 80% Democrat and 20% Republican officers based on their voter registration. After a brief period an initial study of its effectiveness had shown the 20% Republican 911 callers reporting a 98% approval rating while the 80% Democrat callers reporting at a 15% approval rating.

Subsequently a study found a steady increase in the crime rate and the ineffectiveness of the police. The Governor made it plain that no one should confuse the coinciding increase in illegal aliens entering the State nor the States long-standing sanctuary policy with the increase in the crime rate.

Results of the studies indicate greater measures are needed. Police department members will all receive an additional week of sensitivity training and an additional week of re-training at the Police academy. It will entail a psychological examination and an emphasis on community.

The honorable John Brennan and former CIA director has been appointed to the States newly formed State Office of Police Accountability and will oversee implementation of policy and to address recruitment and the new sign-up bonus package.

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