Volunteers Needed!

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The great Maxine Waters has issued a fatwah against all Republicans, calling for them to be followed, hounded and harassed every minute of every day. It goes without saying that behavior of this kind will eventually lead to physical contact and bloody conflict.

It would seem that the face of the Democrat Party, the great Maxine be served up some of her own medicine. While running around sowing seeds of destruction she stays away from the fray, seeming completely gleeful while others implement her disgraceful harassment policy. What goes around should always come around and this pusillanimous pipsqueak deserves a belly full.

There’s no contributions nor a GoFundMe set up to finance counter-protestors. No volunteers to march against her nor follow her around at restaurants, and other places she haunts. There’s no bull horn under her bedroom window late at night and no censorship from Congress.

You know as well as I do that if that were to happen there would be casualties and armed conflict in the streets. Her cadre of goons would see to it. The problem is that she has already setup this very grave possibility and she should be held fully accountable if or when she’s confronted.

There’s no place in leadership, especially in the Congress for individuals like this setting up our citizens for armed conflict against one another. She gets away with it because the Media is in charge of reporting the why’s and wherefore’s of street fights. They are in charge of who is to blame and they have very short memories and change history to their liking.

Without them, Maxine Waters would be toast and a pariah. Without them Socialists and Communists would be shunned. Without them, corruption performed by Democrats would not be over looked while Republicans jailed for less. Without them,  the DOJ and FBI could never get away with political espionage. Without them and their selective news picks, you would know what’s really going on around the World. You wouldn’t be getting all the news (they deem) that’s fit to print….you’d be getting all the news.

At one time, they were considered the fourth estate, keeping check on our government. Today, they are to be distrusted by rote. Today, they are the Democrat Party. They cover for them. They lie for them. They accept classified documents and expose our agents to deadly consequences, committing treason in the process as long as it’s helpful to Democrats. They were in-league with the weaponization of the Justice department, promoting leaked fake news in a chain back to the DOJ, faking the legitimacy of evidence to over-throw an election to favor Democrats.

I used to think that they were like the get-a-way driver in a bank hoist gone bad, complicit, in-league but not pulling the trigger. No longer. They are in the lead, they are in the bank, waving a weapon, threatening and leading the robbery and if someone gets killed in the process; so be it.

A rising tide lifts all boats. The Media has strapped us to the dock and only they and the like-minded are free of shackles. Just look around you and listen.  No matter what they are involved in, it’s either nasty, disruptive, disdainful or just out and out corrupt.  You can’t just be a victim in the common sense of the word; you have to be an authorized victim or otherwise you don’t qualify and you can go to hell.

I have yet to hear any one of them just say ‘thank you’ for all the benefits the Country and its people have bestowed. They’d rather take a knee than lend credence to any of that.  I hear this horrific sense of entitlement where none exists. What I hear is a un-paralleled and vicious demand for other people’s resources, time and expense and it has to be free of charge with no strings attached or they’ll be more hell to pay. They’ll take your stinking money but don’t expect any thank you and none of it will forestall further attacks and outright retribution.

I hear and see, time and time again that they don’t pay a price for their corruption. They just take. With the help of the Media aiding and abetting at their side they move on, committing one more outrage after another.

Last year the NY Times sold its premier building housing its headquarters and  just this month, the NY Daily News, a stalwart of Democrat socialism headquartered in New York City was sold for the hefty price of $1.00 US. I wouldn’t have given them that much for their news nor their views are worth a nickel.

We all know that print media was to eventually be replaced with telecommunications but there may be a price to pay, sooner rather than later. Schilling for the left in this country may just have a hidden cost and eventually cost all of them, not only in dollars but in the whole of their business.



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