The Big Cheese – True to Form!

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We talked about how NY State walks all over its citizens and to keep watch for more of the same. Although it’s almost a daily occurance we expected the norm of old mundane outrages and not the  spectacular to hit the news just yet, …but we were wrong.

Just yesterday Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the Big Cheese found it in his heart to let us all know his inner feelings about this Country, revealingly saying that Pres. Trump touts making America ‘great again’ when “America was never great”. We all knew that this high falootin’ head of state had foot ‘n mouth disease but never expected a political suicide born from its complications.

Later and unsuccessfully, he tried to walk it back. Sadly and obviously he earlier spoke truthfully and exposed his inner feelings. His metamorphosis from progressive to radical leftist now complete joining the long line of Democrats who despise America and want it “changed”. His chances as a presidential candidate have gone up in smoke in a split second over just four little words sadly spoken with great zeal in denunciation.

I can’t wait until tomorrow.


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