So What!

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The several accusations of obstruction of justice by Trump are really, really juicy if your looking from the eyes of a hungry Democrat. They are not if you are looking at them by anyone else.

During and after the election, the transition period of Team Trump, officials of the campaign spoke with Russians. No deals were made.

During and after the election, the transition period of Team Trump came under investigation for speaking with Russians and talking about deals.

During and after the election, the President found himself under investigation for being a traitor because of these discussions with Russians.

Jeff Sessions recused himself because he greeted the Russian ambassador at an event. Don Jr. was under fire for talking to a Russian because she may have dirt on Hillary. Comey was fired because he was a jerk and it didn’t allow for this deep state jerk to disembowel the administrations efforts. Mueller’s obvious conflicts of interest as special insinuator were not to be addressed and Trumps desire and efforts to fire him brought imbroglio among the twerps in advisory positions in Trumps cabinet.

In the beginning, they should have just addressed the crap-ola as a ‘So What’. They didn’t. They took it seriously and not as the big joke that it was.

The Democrats who brung it are a big joke and to think that anyone would take any of this seriously is comical. Those who take it seriously, must think of themselves with great importance, giving it credence when it should have been addressed with a laugh, a shrug or a choke.

Therefor the game plan by Democrats used very successfully thusfar, is to level a false charge and when repudiated and fought against, charge the victim this time with obstruction.


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