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Nancy Pelosi claims that Trumps immigration policy gives merit to just those deserving ….only in the eye’s of Donald Trump. His policy discounts the achievements of those that have come before and contributed greatly to our society under no such restrictions. Leave it to a lefty to find the one argument to counter a sane immigration policy to scuttle it and forward the Democrats agenda for open borders.

Therefor, Ellis Island must have been a mirage. Requirements for entry into the  US never existed and there is no fix for our immigration crisis, the crisis made-up by Trumps imagination. We must assume that she acknowledges that we do have immigration laws but that doesn’t necessarily require that we enforce them. If you can sneak in, your in, and contribute to or maybe not contribute to our society.

We the mindless people, understood that contagion, language, customs and the allegiance to our Country were all issues relevant to our stability as a Nation. We mindlessly expected enforcement of those standards and believed that adherence to them were assured by like-minded legislatures whether Democrat or Republican. Oh! No, no, no! You are misguided.

To the contrary, she has bigger things blowing in the wind. There is this little thing of the up-coming election. There’s a need to debase the successes of the present administration and you cannot institute Socialism according to Marx when that system is a full blown success. You do everything to crumble it

The Commies are coming. You are in the way. Stand aside and weather the chaos for a better day.  Nancy will show you the way.

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