Locked & Loaded!

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The DOJ is still locked and loaded and using its offices for political abuse and against Republicans. There is no reason now, given the severity of what has been exposed to allow them to get away with further obstruction of justice. Their recent activities expose further proof of obstruction by glaringly and outrageously redacting embarrassing but not classified information to cover past transgressions.

The agency is a hotbed of Democrat operatives imbedded in every crevice from top to bottom, to this very day, redacting and omitting and covering their hind-end so that they can survive and continue the spoil.

AG Sessions seems totally oblivious. Acting AG Rosenstein, a wolf in sheepskin offers no apology and leads the pack bearing his teeth at all who bay and wane. Congress the weak sister in all of this, fails to follow up on promises to bring all to account.

There are security issues in all of this but they do not extend to foreign powers or that of exposing agency secrets for gathering evidence. It’s all in-house, and the very real attempts made and still on-going of Democrat attempts at a soft coup thats at stake. In lieu of this and the peoples right to know demand full exposure of all involved, all things laid on the table and those involved brought to the bar and indicted, sanctioned and removed from office. The severity of this so profound that no barrier be erected to protect these dogs or allow their escape. They should already be corralled and bound and the mere fact that they are not, gives great pause.

Yes! Some low-level DOJ operatives have been sanctioned but this goes deeper. The past Obama administration was involved in spying on Republicans using federal dollars and federal agencies and disseminating false information to be printed by the Democrat press hounds. The Democrats used OPM (Other Peoples Money) besides their own to assist their campaign. They used the federal treasury. They benefited financially from leaks culled to the Mainstream media and its fake news hype which by-the-way and by any fair assessment today, should be reported but never reported as campaign contributions. They enjoined lawsuits by Democrat state AG’s and DA’s against Republicans no matter how false or frivolous at great expense using those funds. They used their office’s funds and authority to spy on Republicans and diverted funding for charitable organizations for rallies. Support vehicles and buses, food, banners and facilities all from government money, spent specifically for Democrat initiatives.

Then there’s the overt criminal activities. The Hillary selling twenty percent of our uranium to the Russians for personal gain. Her hiree’s and her minions paying for dirt to be sent to the Media and the DOJ and used as a phony front to investigate Republicans during the campaign. The billions in cash sent to the Ayatollah in Iran for whatever reason only Democrats can possibly imagine in their jokey way. Then there’s the emails and all the rest and you have a criminal element in our government operating with its co-conspirators in the Media, eligible for investigation under the RICO statute, that was hell bent on fixing the election using government authority that can only be described as a soft coup attempt.

Their all going to walk, so it seems, in spite of all the evidence at just the tip of the iceberg because the Republicans are reverting to type.
There is only one thing that will restore our system of government and have a healing affect for this Nation. Hillary Clinton must go to jail. There’s nothing other than that, that will heal any of this and restore our confidence in our system of government. She stands out like a sore thumb and everybody knows it. It’s a festering wound and it must be addressed, like it or not, it comes down to this…

Lock her up?!


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