Locked and Loaded cont’d:

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FBI agent operative Peter Strzok before a joint session of the Senate this Thursday handed our current overseer’s insight into their own, and our own helplessness in reigning in the obvious criminal chicanery inherent in political lawyers running our legal system. This guy is going to walk away unscathed. Untouched.

He gets away with it because he can hide behind a claim that devulging names and sources behind an on-going investigation, the very same investigation he was involved in and charged in abusing, would jeopardize those sources, those sources key to whether or not he was guilty of political espionage and outright attempts at a coup. He rightly claims he has the right to his political views as long as it doesn’t affect his decisions. You can surmise however, that he made up a Trump collusion with Russian infiltration out of whole cloth but you need evidence to prove it. After all, he is a Democrat, No?

There’s no way in hell you can pin him down without this information and we’re not allowed to access it. Therefore, he walks, he talks jive and his Democrat Senator partners enabled to cry and wane in his defense and spew a narrative about this being a political witch-hunt. This is the witch-hunt, not the political espionage Strzok delved in? Strzok is a criminal, Hillary’s a criminal, Obama and his minions, the Democrat Senators and Media are all in cahoots and they’re all getting away it. The worst part is that the futility of trying to set this straight has not been lost on these people. This is an opportunity for them to move forward and give the American people more of the same. We’re in big trouble in this regard and we have got to find a way around these restrictions without damaging the Constitution.

I can’t help but feeling that if the shoe was on the other foot, we would already have dozens of Republicans in prison and more in line for punishment. You don’t have to look too far, just look at how Democrat Mueller is handling his charge and probe. These jackboot thugs go to your house in the dark of night and assault you to boot. I can see no urgency, nor fear or apprehension on the part of our dolts in charge. These nice guys must go away. From now on and at first light and first default these subpoenas have to be enforced. Indictments must follow immediately and no stone left unturned. A purge is absolutely necessary and it doesn’t stop with the Feds.

We should all understand the difficulty in all of this but time is waning and enough already. Apparently, thuggery is lawful so let’s get on with it. Results are all that count and immediate consequences must be brought for slow-walking and none compliance. We don’t have a life-time to wait for results. We need access to what initiated the investigation by Strzok. We need an grand jury set-up to revisit Hillary’s crimes and the list goes on and on.

Congress has a jail in it’s basement and it stands unfilled. Let’s fill it and force compliance. We can no longer be dependent on Sessions and Rosenstein and by-pass them who are not only uncooperative but just tagging along for the ride and just want to be loved.

There’s no more room for patience. The message must be sent on down the line to states, cities and counties, towns and villages where its in-grained and on-going to a larger extent.

We, the Republican electorate are tired of being slapped around. Get on with it for we are fed-up.


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