Justice Turned on its Head

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Special Counsel Mueller says repetitiously and in essence in his statement today that he would prefer that Trump be charged by the Democrat Congress and impeached for obstruction of justice. He couldn’t do it because he was not allowed to charge a sitting President with a crime.

If he had confidence that Trump had committed a crime, you could bet your booty, that he would have said so, but that’s not what he said.

Instead this is what he actually said…..

“If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” Mueller said about the obstruction of justice inquiry into President Trump.

“We did not determine whether the president did commit a crime.”

The seasoned lawyer and nonsense manager had two plus years of investigative power and could not come-up with evidence of any obstruction of justice by the President so he twisted justice by replacing a negative with a maybe? This guy is no investigator, he’s a tormentor and Democrat operative to boot;  a political hack.

He’s enabled and opened the door for the Democrats to further rampage for impeachment whereas his statement if in line with procedural norms and professionalism and non-partisanship would have simply stated that there is insufficient evidence to charge the President with obstruction of justice.

When you say your not allowed to charge, or if we had confidence that he didn’t commit or we didn’t determine that he didn’t commit a crime you insinuate that there is something, when there is nothing.

He could have said that on the other hand that if they found that the President had committed a crime they would have said so.

This wordsmith found no evidence what-so-ever and so he spun it.

What form of obstruction are you committing when you speak out against a fraudulent charge in full earshot of the public?  In the end it is a crime for those that brought the false charge, certainly not the victims.

Therefor the game plan by Democrats used very successfully thusfar, is to level a false charge and when repudiated and fought against, charge the victim this time with obstruction.

These Democrats have turned the law on its head. How is it that this trash can get away with this?

It happens because you let it happen. You post your vote for these miscreants and believe me, what goes around comes around and when you’re facing these beasties in your community you deserve everything they throw at you. Especially since you’ve allowed them to entrench themselves into your  government and you can’t ever rid yourself of them.

Your self-serving and jealousy of others will be your undoing. The law is turned on  its head and they will eventually get around to you too.

Today according to Democrat law and Democrat implementation of law you are guilty if they charge you until you prove your innocence. Try that one on for size.

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