ICE is Nice!

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The Mayor of Philadelphia, in the great state of Pennsylvania and a sanctuary city has decided not to cooperate with our Federal ICE enforcement agency. This after a small rally against ICE in front of City Hall. He has said that he would prefer to abolish ICE if he could but do what he could and withhold any information for them to use to round-up people (illegal aliens) and send them home. He joins a long list of sanctuary city mayors and State governors that refuse to cooperate with ICE enforcement.

Since illegal immigrants move freely and fluidly throughout the United States once within our borders the overall issue is solely within federal jurisdiction. It affects the Nation as a whole and without full cooperation from all citizen representatives it adversely affects the whole of the Country. Fighting against a federal agency policy that they don’t agree with is OK, I guess, but with it should come consequences for violating an oath to enforce the law. Generally in a civil society, you enforce the law and implement it and thereafter lodge your lawsuit or complaint. Doing otherwise subjects them to sanctions.

Federal money transfers to these States should be contingent on full cooperation but it is not as of the present. If your not a player, you should pay a price, by either losing shared funds from the Treasury or subject to non-cooperation on other matters vital and relevant. Withholding federal money transfers to these States is limited to grants and the like as the bulk of these transfers are included in the federal budget and not subject to review.

The Federal budget must now have contingencies. They should empower Congress to act against uncooperative jurisdictions. They should be able to withhold their support of federal initiatives enacted into federal law by withholding federal funds and stopping other helpful initiatives to these jurisdictions. The Administration should be able to declare it and the Congress should be able to act upon that referral by a vote, either up or down.

The Country is becoming balkanized and lawless. Representatives are enforcing laws they agree with and ignoring those with which they disagree. This lawlessness is becoming a trend and must be addressed here and now. We cannot allow any more of this to continue as it adversely affects our unity and our resolve. Between political espionage and selective enforcement and the quid pro cuo’s that are arising, further deterioration must be stopped.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to address complaints and disagreements. We are heaped in the wrong way because we have allowed rogues passage without recourse.

Rope these dopes for ICE is nice!


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