Leave Them to Themselves!

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When President Obama was in office he granted amnesty to a certain class of illegal immigrants. They are the Dreamers. In so doing he said that they would not be eligible for Social Security or other free services from the American people. Why did he lie to us and can this continue?

With many Sanctuary Cities declaring themselves today and filing lawsuits in defiance, the fabrications by the past administration take on new meaning. Illegal immigrants are receiving full benefits under these Cities policies contrary to Federal law and contrary to what the ex-President said and using Federal money to unlawfully subsidize illegals. Since the withholding of grant money to these Cities is small potatoes an enlargement of the penalties is in order.

When you lie to someone, you cheat them. When you lie to someone and cheat them and force them to pay the living expenses of others, you are a thief. Democrats have told us time and time again that whenever it looks this way, it’s not.

Go online to the Children’s Aid Society. It advises illegal immigrants to “Know your Rights”. (http://www.childrensaidsociety.org/files/upload-docs/11-Benefits_for_Immigrants-1.pdf)

The website is very specific as to the benefits illegal immigrants are rightfully entitled to under written law from the pockets of the American people. Benefits to illegals are already in place and what the ex-President told us was a willful lie.

The website clearly states:  “Undocumented immigrants can obtain a tax identification (id) number if they do not have a Social Security number, but they will not be able to take advantage of some benefits of citizen taxpayers such as receiving Social Security benefits and other tax credits.”

In this statement and in each and every case they state that illegals are not eligible for entitlements and then they give them eligibility. You may still qualify. You can avoid disclosure and get the benefit.  You can’t receive the benefit but Immigration status is irrelevant and you can get the benefit regardless. The worst part is that they have built this, this way, so that they can deceive you. This is moronic and written by deceitful Democrats so that they may quote the first part and disregard the second just as Obama did.


Public housing: In general, only legal immigrants are eligible. In the case of mixed families, the family may still qualify for public housing but the amount of the family’s housing subsidy will be reduced accordingly for those who decline to submit their documentary evidence. New York City Housing Authority (nycha) requires all tenants to verify citizenship or immigration status, but family members can avoid disclosure by “electing not to contend.”


Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for public assistance but may receive other benefits and services necessary for health and survival. Below is a list of resources for low-income undocumented immigrant families.

Workers Compensation provides weekly cash payments and covers the cost of medical treatment, including rehabilitation, for covered employees who become disabled as a result of injury (or disease) connected with their employment. It also provides payments for qualified dependents of a worker who dies from an injury or illness. The New York State Attorney General’s Office advises that Workers Compensation benefits are available to anyone who worked including those paid in cash, paid off the books, paid as independent contractors or otherwise not reported to the government as an employee. Immigration status is irrelevant.


HHC Plus: All financially eligible undocumented adults can obtain discounted medical care, including prescriptions and mental health treatment, through the Health and Hospitals Corporation. Parents
may earn up to 150% of the federal poverty level, childless adults up to 100%. Patients pay $15 per

Millions of undocumented are getting housing assistance, food stamps, free health and child delivery, school, school breakfast and lunch, Medicaid, prescriptions, unemployment payments, and the list goes on and on as if they were legal citizens. They are eligible for free college and they will receive a license to drive there, and call their friends on Obama phones.

Prospective hopeful immigrants applying for citizenship waiting on line will never get here. Fairness matters not. In other words, the next thug that pushes in front of you in line at the grocery or theatre because he/she has better things to do than listen to your gripes and protestations, give them wide berth, for they are entitled and they are special. You’re not!

What the ex-President said is irrevelant.  It was the same with Obama care when he said you can keep your doctor if you want to, except, this time we all know he’s unabashed and was fully capable of looking us straight in the eye and lying.

In order to get a handle on this problem, laws giving benefits to illegals have to be changed so that eligibility does not cover the worlds population and encourage them to land here and instantly go on public assistance indefinitely.

There are no consequences for defiance but there is plenty of encouragement.

The opportunity to change this and so much more was lost under the Speakership of Paul Ryan and his Deputy McCarthy who dallied when in charge. With illegals pouring over the border as of late, we suffer the consequences daily with no fix in sight except those initiated by the President who has limited opportunities.

Obama and the Democrats had distributed the illegals into targeted regions to affect and to be used for voter registration. The President has the right to do the same as the Obama administration and the Democrats and has hinted he’s considering it. Now, suddenly the Democrats are claiming it’s illegal to do so.

If as proposed, the Immigration authorities send them to sanctuary cities, it will stem the affect on voting in 2020 as these regions are already lost to the Democrats.  If not, while having the opportunity, the election is up for grabs and we could well lose it. We’ve already lost several States as a result and in Texas, things they are a-changing for the worse. They are inundated with illegals. If you lose Texas, and there have been warning signs abounding, Republicans will never again recover and will lose every Federal election from that day forward.

This proposal is no less than an imperative. Give them a train or bus ticket to San Francisco where Pelosi resides and 42nd Street, in Manhattan where Chucky Schumer holds sway and buy a set of ear plugs  ’cause the sound and fury will be deafening but the curation a phenomenal artistic endeavor with grit.

Let’s get on with it and do some freelancing, huh?

The Ragged Cloaking in Vogue

October 26, 2018 8:05 amComments Off on The Ragged Cloaking in Vogue

Vogue.com, a lifestyle magazine and website should stick to hanging drapes and stay away from political commentary. When it comes to either they’re missing a stitch.

In their article about ‘The 25 Worst Lies From Donald Trump’s First 200 Days’, 

Just pick anyone of their positions from this article and it’s hard to find any model that has a leg to stand on.

For instructive purposes let’s take one of the 20 so-called lies whereby they quote Trumps tweet:

Trump:   February 9: “Chris Cuomo, in his interview with Sen. Blumenthal, never asked him about his long-term lie about his brave ‘service’ in Vietnam. FAKE NEWS!”

Vogue:   This was, in fact, Cuomo’s first question in the interview.

They called this tweet a lie, one of 20, and said that “This was, in fact, Cuomo’s first question in the interview.” Oh! was it now? Below is the full video of that interview.  Cuomo asked Blumenthal two questions, one of DACA and one on the Nunez report. Furthermore it was not the “first question in the interview”. There was no question of Blumenthal’s faking his Vietnam bravery just as Trump said. Fake News!

Vogue aligned themselves with Blumenthal the faker, the Democrat, the disgraced and lied, producing more “Fake News”.

Vogue is a ragged enterprise with a ragged bunch of disdainful liars selling cheap goods at high prices, selling misinformation and cloaking it with self proclaimed righteous and indignation.

Don’t fret about why they do this. They do it because they can and they can get away with it.

It doesn’t matter where you go today the spreading of lies and distortions has reached epidemic proportions in the Main. For people of this kind to criticize others is beyond the pale as they lie their way through life. If they lie in print and in public about public figures you can be sure that they’re lying to their co-workers, partners, family and friends. Their life is just one big lie and you should trust them only as far as you can throw them. These are aggressive actions using falsities and slander from people with no moral standards or boundaries.

Yesterday there was a threat to them and bombs sent in the mail to them and to a man, they’ve changed their tune and are blaming Trump for it and demanding civility where before they called for chaos. They no longer want to punch him in the face, take him out, blow up the White House, nor harass Republicans in their homes and in restaurants, shoot them nor kick them.

If asked, will they rescind their call for incivility and harassment along with their new found fear of retaliation and their newly enlightened call for civility?

Garbage in….. Garbage out…… but what a difference a day makes.

Vogue is owned by Condé Nast Inc.  Dame Anna Wintour is editor in chief.

Wintour carries dual citizenship and honored with the British title of Dame. Condé Nast:  19 brands and media: Allure, Architectural Digest, Ars Technica, Backchannel, Bon Appétit, Brides, Condé Nast Traveler, Epicurious, Glamour, Golf Digest, GQ, Pitchfork, Self, Teen Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W and Wired.

This Dame edited this rag of a magazine and produced the crap in it and will continue to do it tomorrow and every day thereafter. Will Queen Elizabeth please reconsider Wintour’s title and revoke it?


August 9, 2018 5:50 pmComments Off on NY vs NRA

Hands up!  Cuomo’s NY law got you covered.

If you use a gun to protect yourself in NY State you will be subject to great harm and dragged through the court system, facing bankruptcy and even jail time and all dished out in the courts by our leaders to teach you a lesson. It would be wiser for you to take a bullet, be stabbed, bludgeoned and bloodied  and murdered than use a gun to protect yourself or some one else in this State.

To that end, and to counter these attacks, the NRA made a deal with the insurance company monopoly to insure against these inevitable costs. The heavy hand of the Democrats ruling this State were not happy, it running counter to their politics, decided to  stop it to regain control of their agenda. Fishing for an excuse they sued the insurance companies for not properly administering the contract according to the rules for notification and set upon a simple clerical misstep.

In collusion, and to protect their insurance monopoly status in NY State,  Chubb and Lockton and their underwriter Lloyds of London agreed to pay the Democrat State millions in fines and agree to discontinue the NRA’s insurance and under threat and intimidation, and loss of their franchise, never do it again.

With this victory now complete, the state elders launched into a diatribe of denunciations of the NRA. Styled as regulatory “risk management” advisories, they issued letters encouraging institutions to “take prompt actions” to manage “reputational risk” posed by dealings with “gun promotion organizations.”

The risk is real alright,  but it’s not in dealing with the NRA, it’s in dealing and doing business in NY State and it ought to be a lesson to everyone. If you agree, however to go along to get along a monopoly will be your reward and the market yours and yours alone alongside your Democrat buddies under management.

Then the Big Cheese entered the fray and thusly:

Cuomo issued a press release in which Vullo (Financial Services Superintendent) directly urged “all insurance companies and banks doing business in New York” to “discontinue their arrangements with the NRA.”

“DFS will not tolerate conduct by any entity, licensed or otherwise, in contravention of New York Insurance Law, especially when that conduct is such an egregious violation of public policy designed to protect all citizens,” said Superintendent Vullo.  “Today’s action is part of the Department’s continuing investigation into this matter to uphold and preserve the integrity of New York law.”

Therefore, infringement of your constitutional right to protect yourself and carry a weapon in your defense is “an egregious violation of public policy designed to protect all citizens,” whereas violation of your constitutional right is not an egregious violation of your civil liberties?

The “Carry Guard” program improperly provided coverage in any criminal proceeding against the policyholder or the policyholder’s family members, including coverage for bail money, premiums on bonds, attorney consultation fee and retainer expenses, expenses incurred for the investigation or defense of criminal charges, and costs taxed against the insured or the insured’s resident family member in a criminal proceeding arising out of a shooting.

The “Carry Guard” program “improperly provided coverage” due to a clerical error not a vast right-wing conspiracy.

In addition to attacking the NRA and the second amendment this week Cuomo is also saying how he will not cooperate with ICE because they are a political law enforcement agency engaging in criminal activity.

So stay tuned. The Big Cheese and the Big Apple despite having worms will be issuing more dictums for your pleasure. They have  assaulted the first amendment, the second amendment and the fourth amendment thus far and as of late. With victories in pocket they are on a roll and nothing is sacred.

Stay tuned. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet as these aggressive lefties are way ahead of all of us!


ICE is Nice!

August 5, 2018 3:11 pmComments Off on ICE is Nice!

The Mayor of Philadelphia, in the great state of Pennsylvania and a sanctuary city has decided not to cooperate with our Federal ICE enforcement agency. This after a small rally against ICE in front of City Hall. He has said that he would prefer to abolish ICE if he could but do what he could and withhold any information for them to use to round-up people (illegal aliens) and send them home. He joins a long list of sanctuary city mayors and State governors that refuse to cooperate with ICE enforcement.

Since illegal immigrants move freely and fluidly throughout the United States once within our borders the overall issue is solely within federal jurisdiction. It affects the Nation as a whole and without full cooperation from all citizen representatives it adversely affects the whole of the Country. Fighting against a federal agency policy that they don’t agree with is OK, I guess, but with it should come consequences for violating an oath to enforce the law. Generally in a civil society, you enforce the law and implement it and thereafter lodge your lawsuit or complaint. Doing otherwise subjects them to sanctions.

Federal money transfers to these States should be contingent on full cooperation but it is not as of the present. If your not a player, you should pay a price, by either losing shared funds from the Treasury or subject to non-cooperation on other matters vital and relevant. Withholding federal money transfers to these States is limited to grants and the like as the bulk of these transfers are included in the federal budget and not subject to review.

The Federal budget must now have contingencies. They should empower Congress to act against uncooperative jurisdictions. They should be able to withhold their support of federal initiatives enacted into federal law by withholding federal funds and stopping other helpful initiatives to these jurisdictions. The Administration should be able to declare it and the Congress should be able to act upon that referral by a vote, either up or down.

The Country is becoming balkanized and lawless. Representatives are enforcing laws they agree with and ignoring those with which they disagree. This lawlessness is becoming a trend and must be addressed here and now. We cannot allow any more of this to continue as it adversely affects our unity and our resolve. Between political espionage and selective enforcement and the quid pro cuo’s that are arising, further deterioration must be stopped.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to address complaints and disagreements. We are heaped in the wrong way because we have allowed rogues passage without recourse.

Rope these dopes for ICE is nice!


The Once Hidden Face of Joe & Jane Democrat!

July 28, 2018 1:37 amComments Off on The Once Hidden Face of Joe & Jane Democrat!

Obama never appeared to be a hateful guy despite his ties to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan.  He was generally pleasant and reasoned. He was a great figure-head for the Nation and spoke eloquently despite speaking  dismissively about us and our past. Trump may have been in show business but Barrack was a real showman and could pull off putting us down with grace and aplomb and little did we realize that we were bleeding from a thousand cuts.

Additionally, if you watch the u-tube video below you can’t miss, just how wrong he was as the leader of the Democrat party and the Nation. You can’t miss that he just didn’t have the knowledge nor the wherefore to bring about prosperity. We just had to understand that, as he put it,  “some jobs are just not going to come back”. The stark reality between his failed approach and that of Trumps successes is readily apparent given today’s booming economy.

The PBS hosted program showed the host and the audiences acceptance of continuing job losses due to america companies leaving the Country and his explanation that ‘they weren’t coming back’ without any ambivalence whatsoever.

Famously, Clinton could “feel your pain”. Today the Democrats and their obnoxiously laden News Media “feel the hate”, and have thrown off the cloak that has supported them so well in the past and to a man, they are out for blood.

Couched in decorum and intelligence and smug subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but a generally fallacious method of reasoning, the Democrats move forward spreading, spewing, seeding lies, deception, hate and now violence against all those they disagree with.

They do not understand how destructive they are, and if they do, they don’t care. They do not understand the stark reality and the comparisons showing their ineptitude, and if they do, they just dismiss them. They will not stand for an argument for fear of being wrong and will not listen and would rather talk than hear opposing ideals; tried and true.

I stand agape when hearing them; over-taken and incredulous.  Whether sitting or standing my shoulders slump,  my eyes open wide, my eyebrows shoot upward and as my mouth opens,  my chin falls upon my chest.

Now that I think of it, it should prove a good way to handle these buffoons. I do not want to waste my time with them and because I just can’t hide my emotions anyway, it would seem, adopting that posture presents my retort with little or no effort on my part as I simply walk away.

You should try it. It could save you money as you won’t have to see your psychiatrist the day after one of these encounters. 


Volunteers Needed!

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The great Maxine Waters has issued a fatwah against all Republicans, calling for them to be followed, hounded and harassed every minute of every day. It goes without saying that behavior of this kind will eventually lead to physical contact and bloody conflict.

It would seem that the face of the Democrat Party, the great Maxine be served up some of her own medicine. While running around sowing seeds of destruction she stays away from the fray, seeming completely gleeful while others implement her disgraceful harassment policy. What goes around should always come around and this pusillanimous pipsqueak deserves a belly full.

There’s no contributions nor a GoFundMe set up to finance counter-protestors. No volunteers to march against her nor follow her around at restaurants, and other places she haunts. There’s no bull horn under her bedroom window late at night and no censorship from Congress.

You know as well as I do that if that were to happen there would be casualties and armed conflict in the streets. Her cadre of goons would see to it. The problem is that she has already setup this very grave possibility and she should be held fully accountable if or when she’s confronted.

There’s no place in leadership, especially in the Congress for individuals like this setting up our citizens for armed conflict against one another. She gets away with it because the Media is in charge of reporting the why’s and wherefore’s of street fights. They are in charge of who is to blame and they have very short memories and change history to their liking.

Without them, Maxine Waters would be toast and a pariah. Without them Socialists and Communists would be shunned. Without them, corruption performed by Democrats would not be over looked while Republicans jailed for less. Without them,  the DOJ and FBI could never get away with political espionage. Without them and their selective news picks, you would know what’s really going on around the World. You wouldn’t be getting all the news (they deem) that’s fit to print….you’d be getting all the news.

At one time, they were considered the fourth estate, keeping check on our government. Today, they are to be distrusted by rote. Today, they are the Democrat Party. They cover for them. They lie for them. They accept classified documents and expose our agents to deadly consequences, committing treason in the process as long as it’s helpful to Democrats. They were in-league with the weaponization of the Justice department, promoting leaked fake news in a chain back to the DOJ, faking the legitimacy of evidence to over-throw an election to favor Democrats.

I used to think that they were like the get-a-way driver in a bank hoist gone bad, complicit, in-league but not pulling the trigger. No longer. They are in the lead, they are in the bank, waving a weapon, threatening and leading the robbery and if someone gets killed in the process; so be it.

A rising tide lifts all boats. The Media has strapped us to the dock and only they and the like-minded are free of shackles. Just look around you and listen.  No matter what they are involved in, it’s either nasty, disruptive, disdainful or just out and out corrupt.  You can’t just be a victim in the common sense of the word; you have to be an authorized victim or otherwise you don’t qualify and you can go to hell.

I have yet to hear any one of them just say ‘thank you’ for all the benefits the Country and its people have bestowed. They’d rather take a knee than lend credence to any of that.  I hear this horrific sense of entitlement where none exists. What I hear is a un-paralleled and vicious demand for other people’s resources, time and expense and it has to be free of charge with no strings attached or they’ll be more hell to pay. They’ll take your stinking money but don’t expect any thank you and none of it will forestall further attacks and outright retribution.

I hear and see, time and time again that they don’t pay a price for their corruption. They just take. With the help of the Media aiding and abetting at their side they move on, committing one more outrage after another.

Last year the NY Times sold its premier building housing its headquarters and  just this month, the NY Daily News, a stalwart of Democrat socialism headquartered in New York City was sold for the hefty price of $1.00 US. I wouldn’t have given them that much for their news nor their views are worth a nickel.

We all know that print media was to eventually be replaced with telecommunications but there may be a price to pay, sooner rather than later. Schilling for the left in this country may just have a hidden cost and eventually cost all of them, not only in dollars but in the whole of their business.



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