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Frivolous is not the name of a new rock band but a way of life for the Rockin ‘n Rollin’ Washington Post.

In the case of the Washington Post fact-checking they are frivolous because they can’t prove or controvert any of their claims that Trump is lying because in each and every fact check they are petty and trifling to the point of deception, down-playing his successes and denying evident truths. He is being reprimanded by a cadre of petty word-smiths that see him dismantling what they have built. They in response, destroying what little remaining credibility they may have left, fabricate foolish arguments.  As statistics are often fungible, those used by Trump though correct are replaced with those of another color to call him a liar.

Obama was not called a liar even though bold and bare-faced he claimed that he had actually reduced the deficit during his term. He was able to get away with that claim by carefully denoting it as a percentage of the GDP. Although he spent more than all of the previous Presidents combined and used deficit-spending to prop-up the economy, Slick left office leaving us with $20 Trillion in debt, and the largest every recorded.

The fact checkers argue that the present growth is a continuation of Obama’s growth and see no difference between Obama’s debt spending,  supporting phony growth and huge deficits, compared with  real sustainable growth engineered by Trumps policies, rewarding the Country with new jobs, new factories and everything associated.

As an example and more to the point and from one of the Washington Posts FACT CHECKS itself:
“Trump long maintained there was no collusion, but now he claims collusion is not even a crime. He’s playing games with words. Conspiracy to defraud the government is certainly a crime. No evidence has emerged of any collusion between the Democrats and Russia, whereas evidence has emerged of many contacts between Trump campaign officials and Russian-linked individuals.”

If you lie as a fact checker and you don’t have a credible arguable basis for your claim your in pig swallow.

The Post claims, “Trump is playing games with words?”,
“No evidence has emerged of any collusion between the Democrats and Russia?”……

except of course, Hillary’s paid use of Russian intelligence and that particular collusion with the Russians, and except for other’s collusion like (D)Rep. Adam Schiff’s collusion with fake Russian agents, exposed in a recording promising him dirt on Donald Trump. Or maybe, the collusion of the Hillary campaign with the DOJ each paying for a portion of the Steele Dossier to use against the Trumpster,  forging a phony investigation to the detriment of the Country and the rule of law. Don’t forget the Washington Post FACT CHECKERS said: “No evidence has emerged of any collusion between the Democrats and Russia?”

Then they frivolously go on to say:  “whereas evidence has emerged of many contacts between Trump campaign officials and Russian-linked individuals?….as if to prove some nefarious act by Trump and Trump officials simply because they met with Russians!

May I dare to say that they all met with Russian officials, both Democrats and Republicans, and they did so in or out of their official capacity, some times discreetly, and other times freely and openly and your not to assume that only if Republicans do it, it is a conspiracy to defraud the people.

Your an “enemy of the people”  if in a position of influence or power misuse that power to disseminate fake stories, lies and deception all of which have severe consequences for real people. Your an “enemy of the people”  if  you’re a rabid partisan cloaked as a bi-partisan. Your an “enemy of the people”  if extolling harassment and hatred causes real people, real bodily harm and this so-called newspaper is guilty of all of it.

Once upon a time, I would read the daily news from the either the NY Times, or the Herald Tribune, the NY Post or the Daily News and accept that I was properly informed of daily events; confident it was all true.

I no longer subscribe to any of them, knowing I’m being mis-informed at every turn. I say tomato. You say tomaato. That doesn’t make me a liar.


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