Cunning Stunts

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You have to watch these Democrats. They have no shame. Senator Cory Booker pulled out all the stops yesterday. During the confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh the ambitious, presidential candidate Senator likened himself to Spartacus, the  strong, committed, heroic and stoic Greek warrior.

He would sacrifice himself for the better good by defying Senate norms and divulge emails deemed sensitive and face expulsion from the Senate for it. One after another, Senate Democrats each in loud and strong voice claimed ‘I am Spartacus!’,  ‘I am Spartacus!’ thereby blunting any effort for expulsion. They too, thus heroic, steadfast in unity; all facing death and destruction.

The only trouble is that Senator Booker had already gotten approval for the emails to be opened to the public the day before this charade. I thought I had seen it all. The lying, the cheating, the deceit, the disgusting and the nasty but this brings it all to a new level, hollywood style. A sham from a Senator and his Democrat buds who are actually just wannabe actors.

Later it’s purported that he may have actually ‘outed’ some other material deemed sensitive defying Senate rules. In the end, and if true it doesn’t rise to the level of a Spartacus and those Greek warriors. I know they think of themselves as self-effacing and heroic. They’ve said as much and likened themselves to it, all the while showing us the feigning of outrage and performing histrionics with stomping of feet and weeping tears.

Senator Hatch summed it up saying, “I knew Spartacus” and Corey Booker’s no Spartacus.

These Democrats may wannabe dis or they may wannabe dat but in the end they dissed the Senate in unison. These guys are bad for business and an embarressment as they whine on day after day.

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