Bearing False Witness!

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Bearing false witness against another is a trait used repeatedly and weaponized by disgruntled looser’s and Democrats.

Making false claims is disruptive to the stability of our Country. Not only that, bearing false witness is a clear indicator of one’s lack of character and integrity. You should have nothing to do with people of this sort let-alone vote for them to lead you. You should avoid them like the plague; like the vermin they are. Their claims are not worth the paper they are written on and should be stored in the bathroom only for emergencies in case you run-out.

If Democrats have evidence of a crime they have a duty to file it with the Justice Department.  They should be very careful though for filing a false report is a crime. Somehow lawmakers and prosecutors get away with spewing these falsities in news stories everyday of the week, and filing false lawsuits, false complaints and voicing false testimony. The problem is that the Media and Democrats use this tactic everyday and suffer no consequence.

They get away with it because they control eighty percent of the news delivery system. For two years they claimed they had evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians and they made sure you heard about it 24/7.  They had evidence of a crime yet they never filed it with the Justice Department?  They had no proof and had to go around that and rely on their imbeds to appoint Mueller the Special prosecutor.  Now that that has been disproven they continue to make the same claim day after day. Additionally, they claim he obstructed justice by disparaging the prosecutors and threatening to fire them;  none of which is obstruction. In spite of the evidence to the contrary they continue the same attack, the same lies.

The tables have begun to turn for just this week the Washington Post ran a headline mentioning that Fox News’ take on the Trump/Russian investigation was correct. Also the New York Times issued a similar story basically admitting they too were wrong.  No! They weren’t just wrong. They were complicit in the lies and the distortions. They posted false stories; fake news propping up the Democrats and now they want you to forget what they did. They weren’t just wrong. They were in it with both feet.

Well it’s not going to be that easy to just wriggle and squirm their way-out of their fake crap. They expect to just walk away from this without any damage to their reputation. Don’t let them do it. Never forget what they have done and who they are!

You are judged by your associations. Don’t be seen hanging around with these miscreants ’cause it’s gonna rub off on you!

You should avoid them like the plague; like the vermin they are or your reputation will be in the sewer, floating alongside theirs.

It’s only a matter of time and they will turn on you too and stab you in the back. With friends like these who needs enemies?

Et tu, Brute’!

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