Baying at the Moon

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If you listen to MSNBC you’d think the wolves were in the White House and chomping on all the chickens while the Countries going to hell in a hand-basket.

Although already debunked, they’re still running with a story line that money for disaster relief was moved to fund ICE activities.  They say that “the administration has gone from tearing children from the arms of parents to setting up internment camps using disaster relief monies” knowing full well the story is untrue. It was made up by them to begin with and they’re continuing to spread that propaganda like the good communists they are.

On 9/11, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough says “Trump has done more damage to this Country than the planes that flew into the World Trade Center”.

The Washington Post wrote an article blaming the hurricane approaching the East Coast on Trump claiming he is “complicit” in its approaching destructive force.

Google and Twitter and Facebook lament Trumps triumph in the elections and hold a funeral after his win. They declare that …there is something that they can do about it in the future. The future is now and they are actively engaged in limiting conservative speech and raising that of the left.

Jeff Tooban says “Trump didn’t help Puerto Rico because they aren’t white”, in spite of all the help he did provide.

Senator Kerry who failed in his arms negotiations with Iran is now talking to them and begging them to “wait out the current administration”. There are laws against undermining policies of your own Country and dealing with a foreign enemy. Isn’t that one basis for the “Russian investigation” currently on-going against Trump and would they not happily impeach him if found he colluded with the enemy as is Kerry?

Obama has come out of the wood work and begun,  just as predicted, actively declaring his policies are responsible for the current  record breaking recovery and Trump didn’t do that and neither did you. To paraphrase him:  Earlier, in years past he asked “how are yuh gonna do that?” (bring back jobs lost overseas). “Are yuh just gonna wave a wand or something?” “At some point your just going to to have to accept the fact that those jobs and those businesses are not coming back.”

What also he couldn’t understand is the difference in the deficit-spending he engaged in and the growth policies fostered by Trump. On the one hand  he was well on his way to committing us to a form of suicide as he dove us deeper into debt and we eventually ran out of money ’cause he didn’t have a magic wand. On the other hand Trump is fostering growth and prosperity and bringing those jobs and businesses back.

Former Vice President Biden is back on stage also with an ad that makes him look and sound like he’s selling a reverse mortgage. This guys a beaut!

Then there’s the Great Literate and Democrat Leader, Maxine Waters who learned a big word last year and from under cover keeps repeating “impeach”,  “impeach”, “impeach” and nothing else.

If you listen to MSNBC and the like you’d never know that much of the past Democrat DOJ and FBI and other head administrators are facing possible criminal prosecution.  If you listen to MSNBC there’s an awful lot you’re missing while listening to them bay at the moon.

If you listen to MSNBC and the like you’d never know that your hero’s and heroines are really just making up the news and your being misinformed. If you don’t know that the Country is experiencing an economic boom you will not be able to make an informed decision for the present nor your future. You may even be left behind.

If you listen to MSNBC and the like and you repeat what they have told you and follow the pack, you will look like a fool. You are being manipulated and brain washed. The news you receive is pointed and directed and not free-wheeling as you would expect it should be. All of it to mold your opinion and shape it and omit anything to the contrary.

If you listen to MSNBC and the like you’ll become the sheep for the wolves who bay at the moon.

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