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Playing the Language

April 29, 2018 5:43 pmComments Off on Playing the Language

Former FBI Director Comey has a demonstrated a habit of playing the english language and sometimes omitting relevant facts when convenient like so many Democrats. If you tie the projection their so noted for together with playing the language their so noted for, you have some very disingenuous people to say the least.

Under a subpoena to preserve the record Hillary Clinton destroyed the record and Comey felt this wasn’t ‘extreme negligence’ so he called her actions ‘extremely careless’. He was right it wasn’t ‘extreme negligence’. It was done on purpose but it wasn’t ‘extremely careless’ either because it was done on purpose. Although she lit fire to any evidence against her and destroyed government records, Comey deduced that this firebug was guilty of nothing and the Republican Congress could shove its subpoena were the sun don’t shine.

I presume, according to Comey, a charge based on the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ would not apply either because the mere fact the Department of State servers were set-up by Hillary in her bathroom in her home, and there were only 30,0000 or so records destroyed were of no consequence. While others could find this curious when they find themselves in jail with the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ against them and at a place whereby ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ doesn’t apply to set them free.

Comey says he’s not a leaker and he didn’t leak the memos of the meeting with the President but he had earlier said he did so to insure the appointment of a special counsel. Later he said the memos he gave to his friend that later turned up in an article by the NY Times didn’t contain any classified information. He also later said that his actions in this matter were not a leak but were done to inform the media. There’s rumor to the effect that those memos did actually contain classified information.

When asked if he had informed the President that the Steele Dossier was initiated and paid for by the Hillary campaign, he answered simply, No!, indicating he thought it simply unimportant. Then when asked by Brett Baer, a host on Fox News just recently whether he should have apprised the President of that very important fact he answered that he didn’t know much about it but later found it was the Republicans who first began the research with Fusion GPS that produced the Dossier. The Republicans didn’t produce the Dossier nor did they pay for it, so why the withholding, the distortion and the deceit?

Comey says that there is no ‘deep state’ and those that think so are delirious. However, he admits that there is a ‘deep culture’ that is being attacked by those in the White House. Only Comey knows the difference ’cause he’s so smart.

If you hadn’t noticed, Comey referred to the President as a mafia like chieftain all this after trying to pull a ‘J Edgar Hoover’ style threat that Trump should be aware that Comey held an embarrassing document called the Steele Dossier hanging over his head. Ensuring the President that it was baseless all the while authorizing it be used by the FISA court to begin an counter-intelligence investigation against him supporting a FISA warrant for probable cause. This is the pot calling the kettle black and projection once again as always.

The FISA court judges should not be left out of this and we have yet to hear from them. Presumably they were mislead and yet you don’t hear a peep from any of them. Judges mislead if honest and not in league with the dishonesty and intrigue will always bring such lawyers to account. Always! The mere fact that they haven’t is a clear indication that they were in collusion with the administration and the corruption. There is no other conclusion and they must be held accountable as co-conspirators.

We have been endowed with a Democracy that at all times needs tender, loving care. Small individuals like barrack, hillary and comey along with their minions cnn, the washington post and the ny times diminish and threaten it like at no other time using it to capitalize it for their own selfish purposes. Where appropriate they will not allow the chips to fall where they may as is an inherent basis for a Republic based on the rule of law but manipulate or ignore these basis’ for their own advantage. You go to jail, they don’t. You suffer the consequences of your own actions, they profit from their misdeeds. You didn’t achieve success on your own. They were responsible for your success yet they’re not responsible for others poverty and failures, you are. An extortion attempt against the President makes him a mafia style individual. One President can issue and enforce an unconstitutional memo by rote but the other cannot rescind it.

When these misfits and criminals are finally indicted it will take years of testimony to get through to a final judgement. Their trials will have to be brought separately and apart from each other because the ‘deep state’ goes really, really deep and a massive endeavor to cover each individual involved over years of misdeeds.

You can call a donkey by another name but it is still a donkey!

They have brought this upon themselves and they cannot be rehabilitated. They must be removed for the sake of the Country they have so demonstrably harmed.

They’re At It Again!

April 24, 2018 7:17 pmComments Off on They’re At It Again!

The Democrats are at it again. This time they submitted a lawsuit against the Republican Party, President Trump, the Russians and Putin and Wikileaks and others alleging a conspiracy, an ‘unprecedented treachery’ against the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

The Republicans are going to eat the Democrats lunch on this just as they are presently doing with the Russian investigation boomeranging.  This degree of stupidity cannot be measured. They are in the process of opening up another can-of-worms that can only end in an investigation and an indictment of themselves.  Once again, they are shooting themselves in the foot while they should have counted their blessings and left well enough alone.

The timid Republicans in Congress never had the chutzpah to bring charges against Democrat past mis-dealings worried about a counter-charge of politicalization of the legal system. The Democrats in their stupidity have twice now enabled the Republicans to confront the issue with just cause and turn the tables. Without evidence and without common sense they have alleged an ‘unprecedented treachery’ perpetrated between the Russians and the Trump organization and Wikileaks.

There’ll be no raids on the DNC to confiscate their server in response but regardless, there will be indictments and more revelations of the danger this Party poses to the Republic when they hold the reigns of power. The Democrats will be allowed to probe and question campaign officials but the Republicans will be allowed to conduct discovery. (Unless, of course the judge is an entrenched swamp member then they will not be allowed but that is to be ascertained). If that server is ever breached before its bleached by this lawsuit the whole Party and everyone in it is going to jail.

They and their sycophants are a sick and obsessed bunch. Entrenched in the Media they are all over the place. Last night I watched a forum brought by Marvin Kalb, an old-time media lefty. Acting as a unbiased person of reason he brought a discussion of Russian involvement with us in the world of politics. He chose his forum and chose to run it by innuendo, to link Trump and Russia and delicately explain to us, the uninformed. the similarity of their tactics he viewed as a danger to America.  Kalb and spokespersons from NPR and the NY Times repeated the phrase ‘fake news …..that was later proven true….’ during the forum. Turning fake news stories on its head, Kalb’s forum itself was the epitome of fake news on full display. The bias exuded by this group was overpowering as they danced around how the tactics of Trump were so similar to that of the old ‘Soviet, Putin’. Couched in decorum and intelligence and smug subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but a generally fallacious method of reasoning they went on to answer questions from a small audience that bought it hook, line and sinker.

At first glance as in Kalb’s forum and in his and his audiences mind-set nothing seems out of place. They move forward not knowing that they have been found to be phonies and frauds. This lawsuit tells you everything you need to know about what an absolute mindless bunch they are. The lawsuit should be thrown out but I hope its not. It’s another opportunity for Republicans to turn the tables and delve deeper into their inner sanctum…….

a time to drive a stake through their heart and bring them to account, once and for all.

Click: The lawsuit from the Washington Post

Creeping Capitalism!

7:16 pmComments Off on Creeping Capitalism!

All college students unite, organize, march and break things for ‘oh my goodness’, it’s here.  Creeping capitalism is invading our society at an alarming rate. Once upon a time, and just over a year ago our great charismatic leader, the Great Barrack told us that we would have to be satisfied with the new normal and our economy would never return to its past glory. Capitalism had failed and government would have to be mobilized to intervene from now on.

Alas, if we are still to believe the Great Barrack, how does one explain one immutable fact: In one years time we have transitioned from a job market whereby people could not find good-paying jobs to one whereby businesses cannot find enough workers to fill good-paying jobs?

That could very well mean that when these mind-numbed kids get out of college they will actually find a job waiting for them on the other side. They may also find that if someone starts breaking their things they might not take it so lightly and find good reason to enjoin those vandals. If they have not been permanently damaged by their higher education they may also find fruitful work and a steady income that gives them purpose and adds stability to their lives.

Unemployment is at a low and especially in black and Hispanic quarters, unemployment is at a record and the lowest it has ever been. The Great Barrack, Hillary and the Democrats have a great formula for ruin and as long as rhetoric supplants reality they will still be players.

Rep Nancy Pelosi (D,Ca) has said that welfare is a good thing that stimulates the economy. Nancy could get the stimulus money from taxation or from borrowing but doesn’t explain what happens when you can’t get that money from either one of them. Flush with oil, Venezuela has been very successful in implementing Nancy’s theory and the rats and garbage are piling up and the populous is starving and diseased.

If you believe that all the Worlds resources are to be communally shared, think again. Much of those resources are in the ground and one must be incentivized to get them either through free will and profit or by the whip. If neither is present, your incentive is to wait for the other guy to bring your substance for as the theory goes, you will get it anyway. You will get it anyway that is until the system comes to a grinding halt as all the capitalists are either dead or gone and there is no pool to draw from. You may still feel entitled and deserving to get something for nothing but although now enlightened and reality has set-in, it is late, you have no food on the plate, your shovel has rusted and no one has another to give you. The shovel factory is shut and now you are shut down.

So therefore, all ye college students unite, organize, march and break things for ‘oh my goodness’, it’s here.  Creeping capitalism is invading our society at an alarming rate and your just going to have to deal with what the Great Barrack and Queen Nancy have told you is a scourge.

Never let facts stand in your way. Never allow history’s lesson afflict your inner sense and morbidity. Socialism just needs another tweek, another try and more time to work. Don’t yu think?


July 6, 2017 1:12 pmComments Off on Fraudsters!

loadedjackassSome things seem just a little too problematic.

How does an illegal immigrant get to register a car, get a driver’s license, get to register to vote, get food stamps and welfare, get legal assistance, get released on bail after committing a felony, get public housing, get schooling, including grammar school, high school and college, get a job, get disability income, get unemployment income, get released into the general population after serving a jail sentence, etc.?

All of these benefits apparently are not recognized by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, the NY Times nor the Washington Post. They are reporting that there is an Executive Order signed by then Pres. Clinton that prohibits such a thing even though that Executive Order was later rescinded by then Pres. Clinton.

Illegal immigrants do get these benefits and they get all these benefits in Sanctuary Cities run by Democrat’s who are in cahoots and fully supported by these media operatives.

It is getting to the point where Fake news is becoming Fraudulent news. An intentional fraud perpetrated by these Fraudsters. They’re losing respect. They’re losing rankings and readers and they are furloughing their employees in droves. They are retracting their political reporting only when caught and their buffoonery is becoming old news and the only news that’s fit to print.

If it looks like a fool, acts like a fool and quacks like a fool, it’s a fool. Don’t you be one also and believe or trust what you read or see from them.

They are a motley crew and deserve no quarter. An onslaught of lawsuits should be their reward and a retraction not enough to quench a thirst for  justice. We don’t need more assassinations of policemen and policewomen. We don’t need more attempted assassinations of Republican congressmen. They are a bane on society and a destructive force that has to be reckoned with. Clearly, their intent is to do harm and that is criminal activity.

Don’t be fooled!


Illegals ~Know Your Rights!

April 16, 2017 11:47 pmComments Off on Illegals ~Know Your Rights!

When President Obama was in office he granted amnesty to a certain class of illegal immigrants. They are the Dreamers. In so doing he said that they would not be eligible for Social Security or other free services from the American people. Why did he lie to us and can he continue to  get away with it?

With many Sanctuary Cities declaring themselves today and filing lawsuits in defiance, the fabrications by the past administration take on new meaning. Illegal immigrants are receiving full benefits under these Cities policies contrary to Federal law and contrary to what the ex-President said and using Federal money to unlawfully subsidize illegals. Since the withholding of grant money to these Cities is small potatoes an enlargement of the penalties is in order.

When you lie to someone, you cheat them. When you lie to someone and cheat them and force them to pay the living expenses of others, you are a thief. Democrats have told us time and time again that whenever it looks this way, it’s not.

Go online to the Children’s Aid Society. It advises illegal immigrants to “Know your Rights”. (http://www.childrensaidsociety.org/files/upload-docs/11-Benefits_for_Immigrants-1.pdf)

The website is very specific as to the benefits illegal immigrants are rightfully entitled to under written law from the pockets of the American people. Benefits to illegals are already in place and what the ex-President told us was a willful lie.

The website clearly states:  “Undocumented immigrants can obtain a tax identification (id) numberif they do not have a Social Security number, but they will not be able to take advantage of some benefits of citizen taxpayers such as receiving Social Security benefits and other tax credits.”


Public housing: In general, only legal immigrants are eligible. In the case of mixed families, the family may still qualify for public housing but the amount of the family’s housing subsidy will be reduced accordingly for those who decline to submit their documentary evidence. New York City Housing Authority (nycha) requires all tenants to verify citizenship or immigration status, but family members can avoid disclosure by “electing not to contend.


Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for public assistance but may receive other benefits and services necessary for health and survival. Below is a list of resources for low-income undocumented immigrant families.

Workers Compensation provides weekly cash payments and covers the cost of medical treatment, including rehabilitation, for covered employees who become disabled as a result of injury (or disease) connected with their employment. It also provides payments for qualified dependents of a worker who dies from an injury or illness. The New York State Attorney General’s Office advises that Workers Compensation benefits are available to anyone who worked including those paid in cash, paid off the books, paid as independent contractors or otherwise not reported to the government as an employee. Immigration status is irrelevant.


HHC Plus: All financially eligible undocumented adults can obtain discounted medical care, including prescriptions and mental health treatment, through the Health and Hospitals Corporation. Parents
may earn up to 150% of the federal poverty level, childless adults up to 100%. Patients pay $15 per

Millions of undocumented are getting housing assistance, food stamps, free health and child delivery, school, school breakfast and lunch, Medicaid, prescriptions, unemployment payments, and the list goes on and on as if they were legal citizens. They are eligible for free college and they will receive a license to drive there, and call their friends on Obama phones.

Prospective hopeful immigrants applying for citizenship waiting on line will never get here. Fairness matters not. In other words, the next thug that pushes in front of you in line at the grocery or theatre because he/she has better things to do than listen to your gripes and protestations, give them wide berth, for they are entitled and they are special. You’re not!

What the ex-President said is irrevelant.  It was the same with Obama care when he said you can keep your doctor if you want to, except, this time we all know he’s unabashed and fully capable of looking us straight in the eye and lying.

In order to get a handle on this problem, laws giving benefits to illegals have to be changed so that eligibility does not cover the worlds population and encourage them to land here and instantly go on public assistance indefinitely.

There are no consequences for defiance but there is plenty of encouragement.


Auto Manuals Download

March 5, 2014 5:57 amComments Off on Auto Manuals Download

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January 16, 2014 8:49 pmComments Off on

Free Classifieds


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