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Locked & Loaded!

July 6, 2018 11:54 pmComments Off on Locked & Loaded!

The DOJ is still locked and loaded and using its offices for political abuse and against Republicans. There is no reason now, given the severity of what has been exposed to allow them to get away with further obstruction of justice. Their recent activities expose further proof of obstruction by glaringly and outrageously redacting embarrassing but not classified information to cover past transgressions.

The agency is a hotbed of Democrat operatives imbedded in every crevice from top to bottom, to this very day, redacting and omitting and covering their hind-end so that they can survive and continue the spoil.

AG Sessions seems totally oblivious. Acting AG Rosenstein, a wolf in sheepskin offers no apology and leads the pack bearing his teeth at all who bay and wane. Congress the weak sister in all of this, fails to follow up on promises to bring all to account.

There are security issues in all of this but they do not extend to foreign powers or that of exposing agency secrets for gathering evidence. It’s all in-house, and the very real attempts made and still on-going of Democrat attempts at a soft coup thats at stake. In lieu of this and the peoples right to know demand full exposure of all involved, all things laid on the table and those involved brought to the bar and indicted, sanctioned and removed from office. The severity of this so profound that no barrier be erected to protect these dogs or allow their escape. They should already be corralled and bound and the mere fact that they are not, gives great pause.

Yes! Some low-level DOJ operatives have been sanctioned but this goes deeper. The past Obama administration was involved in spying on Republicans using federal dollars and federal agencies and disseminating false information to be printed by the Democrat press hounds. The Democrats used OPM (Other Peoples Money) besides their own to assist their campaign. They used the federal treasury. They benefited financially from leaks culled to the Mainstream media and its fake news hype which by-the-way and by any fair assessment today, should be reported but never reported as campaign contributions. They enjoined lawsuits by Democrat state AG’s and DA’s against Republicans no matter how false or frivolous at great expense using those funds. They used their office’s funds and authority to spy on Republicans and diverted funding for charitable organizations for rallies. Support vehicles and buses, food, banners and facilities all from government money, spent specifically for Democrat initiatives.

Then there’s the overt criminal activities. The Hillary selling twenty percent of our uranium to the Russians for personal gain. Her hiree’s and her minions paying for dirt to be sent to the Media and the DOJ and used as a phony front to investigate Republicans during the campaign. The billions in cash sent to the Ayatollah in Iran for whatever reason only Democrats can possibly imagine in their jokey way. Then there’s the emails and all the rest and you have a criminal element in our government operating with its co-conspirators in the Media, eligible for investigation under the RICO statute, that was hell bent on fixing the election using government authority that can only be described as a soft coup attempt.

Their all going to walk, so it seems, in spite of all the evidence at just the tip of the iceberg because the Republicans are reverting to type.
There is only one thing that will restore our system of government and have a healing affect for this Nation. Hillary Clinton must go to jail. There’s nothing other than that, that will heal any of this and restore our confidence in our system of government. She stands out like a sore thumb and everybody knows it. It’s a festering wound and it must be addressed, like it or not, it comes down to this…

Lock her up?!


The Real Maxine!

June 26, 2018 5:31 pmComments Off on The Real Maxine!
The Real Maxine!

Maxine Waters is another Democrat calling for anarchy in these here United States of America.

You just can’t help but love this sweet thing. Besides calling all those folks she doesn’t like ‘scumbags’, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif, has taken it to a new level recently and has with her usual sweet grace and aplomb said the following, “If you think we’re rallying now you ain’t seen nothing yet. If you see anybody from that (Trump) Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Achilles was smitten with an arrow striking his heel. Samson lost his strength and enslaved when his hair was cut-off. So if mythology be your guide, there’s great evidence that Maxine’s strength of character could easily be lost in a ill wind. Already, Trump has warned her to be careful for what she’s wished for.

He doesn’t want her rhetoric to cause civil unrest nor boomerang on her while we get to see the real Maxine when she’s not hiding under her wig.



June 18, 2018 5:18 pmComments Off on Played!

We’re being played by the Left in any and all things but it’s particularly noticeable when it comes to immigration. Policies and legislation enforced under the Obama administration without concern are now horrific and abhorrent under Trump.

Recently a photo was published showing children of immigrants held in detention in a dog cage and associated with Trumps immigration policies. The problem is that that picture was taken in 2014 when Obama was in office. Obama at the same time was called the ‘deporter in chief’.  Lefties of all persuasion from the media to democrat congressmen and senators are storming the detention centers seeking entry and photo ops as of late.

Also, problematic is that no laws have been changed since the Bush and Obama administration but there has been a four-fold increase in asylum applications this time around and a subsequent increase in children separated from their monitors as a result. AG Sessions recently announced a zero tolerance enforcement policy to address this swarm and a firestorm has ensued in part because he also warned that immigrant families would be separated if they entered illegally and should go to a ‘port of entry’ if seeking asylum to avoid that separation. The huge increase in asylum seekers are exploiting a loophole in the system by simply uttering the word ‘fear’ to gain entry.  Virtually every potential immigrant is now ‘fearful’. You don’t bring your children to jail with you, I don’t suppose, unless the Left, in all ways inane has concluded that it’s a great learning experience for toddlers and they should howl and bay at the moon to make it happen.

So where does that leave us? Not Canadians nor Mexicans may seek asylum under current law. These are considered safe countries and none need apply. Why therefor are we granting asylum for South Americans and Central Americans and the rest of the world who are now in Mexico and safe from exploitation and ‘fear’.  Rest assured we are not under any obligation to grant any asylum request from anyone in Mexico who has no fear of the Mexican government. We are under no obligation to grant asylum from any other nationality in Mexico who has already extricated themselves from their country of origin and their ‘fearful’ situation.

Democrats are using children as leverage just as the coyotes who are using them for illegal entry.  The mainstay for leverage by Democrats is always the empathy play.  Feigning hurt and harm by the beastie Republicans who enforce the laws is a tactic never ending and always played for political advantage over-riding common sense and the law they, the Democrats themselves have implemented. I get dizzy when I spin around in place but these balerinas can turn 180 degrees and then again 360 degrees over and over and never fall down.

The infection of Mexico to a greater degree than already existing will eventually exact a toll.  They do not protect their southern border as they should. They vent that invasion by funneling these migrants to our border. Mexico’s crime rate is increasing due to the zero tolerance policies of the US and will continue to do so towards crisis proportions as the numbers mount. We may actually and some time in the near future have to consider opening our asylum process to include Mexicans.

As they reap what they sow, they will be forced to close their southern border to avert the inevitable and send those migrants back to whence they came or lose their country to crime and mayhem, the likes of which they have never before experienced.

In the end and somewhere along the way we have distorted and over-ridden our obligation to ourselves. We are under no obligation to grant asylum to people by geography safe in their person and certainly under no obligation therefor, to grant asylum to foreigners for financial hardship. How is it now, and how has it been, that we are in the throes of doing so, and wringing our hands and weeping in sorrow for people who are now safe and free of the bonds that had befallen them?

None trying to breach our borders are under fear for their lives. The whole idea is a scam and specious. Who has concluded that we are under an obligation to grant asylum to people in safe circumstances and what law can possibly force our hand?

It doesn’t exist. We do however have laws to grant asylum to worthy persons and we as a generous Nation do so. There is no conflicting law. There are conflicted people implementing the law.

Our long-standing policy now contorted, lends no consideration for people under safe conditions be granted asylum as an entitlement.  On the contrary, they are not to be considered for there is no entitlement.

Then we have written into law consideration for asylum under strict guidelines as humanitarians but mindful of our obligation to our own people and their welfare.  Now however through distortion, extortion and self-serving lawyers by the hoards we have before us a canard and a fake instance of either actual or feigned outrage that we are denying an entitlement where none exists.

The hoards are swarming over the border because we have incentivized them. The open border advocates are Democrats. Democrats now control California because migrants tend to vote what politics are socialist. Influencing elections through motor voter initiatives and down-right fraud, by their sheer numbers no citizen can any longer speak out against them for fear of reprisal or charges of racism. This is the future for all of us if we don’t heel it immediately.

The grand plan of socialism for our Country needs numbers to flourish. Distortion of policy an imperative. The break-down of our laws already in play are reaping handsome rewards for those advocates.

We have been under siege and we have been played. The good part of it is that things they are a-changing and there is light at the end of the tunnel as more and more of us wake from a deep sleep.



A Further Whitewash!

June 15, 2018 3:32 pmComments Off on A Further Whitewash!

The Horowitz investigation into Hillary’s scandal has the same markings as the Comey exoneration of her.

Comey outlined numerous criminal acts performed by Hillary and then declared she didn’t do it on purpose and therefore could not be indicted.

Horowitz’s investigation of the Hillary affair concluded that although the lawyers handling the case were Hillary lovers, their bias didn’t affect how they handled the Hillary decision.

Similarly, Horowitz’s investigation of the Russian collusion case with Trump outlined numerous acts of political bias on the part of the swamp lawyers in control of our justice system and referred five of those lawyers, unidentified, for disciplinary actions. He couldn’t however find any definitive proof that their hatred for Trump affected the investigation and found them simply inefficient.

If you can find a Republican in the DOJ and the FBI other than the two weak sisters, Jeff Sessions and the dubious and newly appointed FBI director please point them out. The Left is imbedded in this very critical agency,  left-over from the past Obama administration and the very one’s investigating the current administration.

With friends like Sessions, Wray and Horowitz on your side, who needs enemies? Allowing just Democrats to determine your fate in any and all investigations into your affairs is a deadly endeavor. Nothing good will come of it as we have already seen.

Now an investigation of the Trump charity has been handed down in New York City by a purely political stuntress who has openly declared that fighting the current administration to be the hallmark of her life.  I didn’t know that you could openly declare that you are using your office as a public official for purely political reasons and get away with it without being impeached and thrown out on your fat ass?  We know that Gov Cuomo nor the NY Assembly will intervene but here again, where is Jeff Sessions and the Federales?

The Democrats do not fool around. They sometimes operate covertly and sometimes openly but in all cases use the legal offices of government to trample on the Constitution. The AG’s, and the DA’s using the court system can bring down governments and they do not hesitate to use it against their political opponents for that very purpose.

Something has to be done about this and none too soon. There must be a reckoning and a then a restoration of what once was a mainstay of our society.

Lock ’em Up!     Lock ’em all Up for the good of the Country.


A Hoakster at US News

June 10, 2018 11:21 pmComments Off on A Hoakster at US News
A Hoakster at US News

US News.com just released a hit piece on the Presidents tax-cut plan by their opinionator Josh Hoksie.  This Hoakster has credentials and directs the Project on Opportunity and Taxation at the Institute for Policy Studies and co-edits Inequality.org. and claims deceit in the formulation of the tax cuts in his article.

He starts out mildly claiming nobody wants the tax cuts because they only benefit the rich and soon ratchets it up into a full-blown diatribe of distortions he claims are lies, misleadings, patronizings and Republican fraudsters. It goes without saying thus, Democrats are not included in the fraud because none of them voted to deceive you, patronize you or mislead you by cutting your taxes.

Treading old ground in opposition, he launches into identity politics in every policy stance he takes supporting the prerogatives of US News.  What you’re reading is socialism, liberalism and Democrat speak.

This is a battle of the way in which one interprets the facts. If your a faker, as they are,  you don’t report that the top 20% will pay 87% of all taxes. You report that it’s tax cuts for the rich, the corporations and the yachting jet-setters without recognizing the vast majority are middle-class tax payers, the nurses, firemen and plumbers . Yes, of course, the middle-class is included in the 20% but Mr. Hoaksie found it inconvenient and just left them out ’cause it doesn’t fit his fake news narrative and his interpretation of the facts.  You can’t cut taxes on those 80% who pay no taxes. You can however,  use facts in a distorted way and set-up a fake narrative and lie, mislead and patronize the public.  Birthered from this sort of philosophical and psychotic reasoning,  just accuse others of malice as long as you can get away with it.

Do not, under any circumstances report that on average, the middle-class will pay less in taxes and never, never report that corporations are handing out bonuses by the thousands on top of that as a result of the benefits they have already experienced due to the tax cut.

Exposing your envy and jealousy,  your feeling of entitlement and resentment that inform your politics are no embarrassment.  The inadequacies of your policies and the harm that has followed can always be rectified if you just give love a chance.

Although ideas you foster don’t work, as long as it feels good to you, legislate it, tax it, jail it and bludgeon it if necessary. The laws of physics do not apply, nor do the laws you don’t agree with nor those of supply and demand.

Your fairyland may be full of dumbasses, liars, cheats and thieves but they’re your dumbasses, liars, cheats and thieves and chaos is exciting, so give love a chance. Vote Democrat and believe in what they have in store for you and you will be saved?


Please Explain?

June 5, 2018 7:32 amComments Off on Please Explain?

Let me get this straight.

Trump is being investigated for collusion with the Russians just for meeting with Russians or because he or some members of his campaign had prior business with Russians? Is he supposed to have joined forces in collusion to hack the ballot boxes and fix the election?

Hillary is not being investigated although she funneled money through a lawyer to hide the payment, so that the law firm could pay Fusion GPS to hire a British spy to get Russians to produce dirt and a phony dossier slandering Trump. Why if she also had a cozy relationship with Russians it’s not alleged that she then joined forces in collusion to hack the ballot boxes and fix the election?

Donald Trump, Jr. is being investigated for having had a meeting with certain characters that claimed they had dirt on Hillary and maybe access to Hillary’s trashed e-mails.  Is he guilty of a crime for meeting with informants or is it that he didn’t pay them as did Hillary?

Hillary was exonerated for the crime of  ‘destruction of evidence’ when she destroyed those 30,000 or so emails?  So it seems that it is a crime to look for those emails but not a crime to destroy them:  them being government property.

There seems to be a pattern developing here whereby that if there is no evidence against you, you are to be investigated.  If there is glaring evidence against you, you will be given a pass. That pass sends a very clear message that some people are above the law and others are not.

Thank you Dems.  Watching you slither through one crime after another is fascinating and always a good show.

I can’t wait until we get around to Barrack and see how he handles his involvement.


Touche’ Bill!

June 2, 2018 4:32 pmComments Off on Touche’ Bill!
Touche’ Bill!

Bill Maher always likes to make funny with peoples looks and no one is safe.  Bill Maher said: “President Trump’s “mother had sex with an orangutan” and kept his job”.  Every time I look at this guy’s face, he makes me smile.

Generally I think his face naturally looks more like that of male genitalia and I wanted to show the comparison but I couldn’t get in-touch with Anthony Weiner for his pictures to show you and I’m not going to show you mine.

But it doesn’t matter anyway ’cause this monkey has ancestors in the jungles of Borneo to draw from for the same affect.

The only difference here is that the monkey from Borneo isn’t wearing his tuxedo today.


It’s Not Just Fake News..

June 1, 2018 6:14 pmComments Off on It’s Not Just Fake News..

What we are seeing daily from the Left is not just fake news. We are seeing abject incompetence in full display by this cabal. They are in the process of proving that they should never again regain control of the reigns of power.

If they had won the election policies would be 180 degrees in reverse. Opportunities for richness readily available for this Country would continue to be shunted and further taxation, and regulation on the menu.

We could only surmise that the vast oil fields of Anwar would remain closed. The new pipelines from Canadian tar sands to Texas refineries never completed. Fracking for unlimited gas reserves stopped cold. Energy independence on hold and just a goal and a dream never to be achieved.

Iran and ISIS would own their own portions of Iraq and continuing swarming all over the Middle East and into Europe.

The DOJ and the FBI would be in the throes of crucifying all political opposition with the blessings of the media.

A great transference of wealth would be going to Leftist’s and Leftist organizations from the people, Corporations and the US Treasury.

There isn’t enough room in this article to list the disastrous reversals in policy we’d experience. You’d have to write a book to cover it all.  However, you can be sure that every success you see  today would never happen.

The Left and the Media have criticized and opposed every initiative and viciously demonized those in support in extraordinarily hateful ways. They have demonstrated that they themselves are an imminent and grave danger to society at large. No one can suffer people like these who have unwittingly exposed their inner bias and willingness to act upon these feelings against people in opposition to their political views.

They don’t have to be willing to actually ‘blow up’ the White House or slit the Presidents neck as announced, for all they would have to do is drag their opposition into court as they have previously done and charge them with a phony crime ….. and if the czars in the DOJ and FBI can’t prove misdeeds they just implement their proven practice to make one up and send ’em to the hoosegow anyway.

We dodged a bullet this last election but they’re still shooting at us. They are so crazed at Trump they have pulled out all the stops and unwittingly exposed their real intentions and who they really are.  I don’t want people like this running my life or yours.  It is up to you to recognize what you would be up against if they regained the reigns of government. Shame on you if you don’t see it!



May 29, 2018 6:42 pmComments Off on Cahoots

We have just been treated to another day of fake news by the once prestigious NY Times by their editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein. Mr.  Silverstein decided to mock up a photo of immigrant children held in dog cages supposedly under the Trump doctrine for immigration with the clear intent to smear his administration. The only trouble is The Times and Jake got caught projecting the 2014 Obama administration photo of these children that had never appeared before this, onto the Trump administration.

In cahoots, the following ‘Cahoots’ jumped right into the smear pool in unison:

Activists Jon Favreau, Linda Sarsour, Shaun King, Antonio Arellano, CNN contributors April Ryan, Ana Navarro, NBC News’ Kasie Hunt, TheWrap founder Sharon Waxman, journalists Luke Savage, Mark Joyella, Liliana Soto, actors Alyssa Milano and Matt McGorry, authors Ali Noorani, Julissa Arce Rayaand Emma Kennedy, former Obama staffer Michael Simon and Democratic strategist Zac Petkanas are among the thousands of public figures who shared Arellano’s tweet without providing context.

Time and time again, these lefties project what nefarious acts, legislation and crimes they are responsible for onto Republicans. Following certain doctrine they’ve found that by repeating such lies often enough they could successfully tag their political opponents.  Now however,  with waning success as of late, they’re finding an awakening and a resistance and that things they are a-changing.

A creeping distrust of the fourth estate is slowly growing and if continued poses a grave threat to our Democracy.  Combined with the ‘political espionage’ and the projection and distrust these nefarious acts lay squarely on the shoulders of the Democrats and their sycophants in the Media. This is no small thing. They’re also paying for thugs to rough-up Republicans and getting away with it because they’re in charge at these line posts.

Although I’m no fan of hers, as of this post, the very successful Roseann Barr show allowing for a conservative viewpoint has been cancelled by ABC, shuttered and silenced.  Bob Eiger, Disney CEO and owner of ABC couldn’t be more pleased at the misstep and jumped at the chance to can the realist, Ms. Barr.  The first amendment is under siege and unless Fox picks it up, for there is no other,  there lies another corpse to the graveyard of the freedom of middle-class ideals.

We have been asleep.  Corporations, universities, government agencies and your local coffee shop have been infiltrated by a silent movement un-forseen. The swamp is not only in Washington, DC.

The NY Times and ABC are not suffering a back-lash nor a loss of revenue. On the contrary, they are prospering. The extent at which Facebook, Amazon and Google have taken over such a huge slice of all U.S. commerce is astounding as they reach out to the rest of the Globe.

If and whenever one utters the word ‘Cahoots’ my manic response overcomes me and crouching I begin again to move and utter the phrase, “Slowly I turned…step by step…inch by inch…,”


Playing the Language

April 29, 2018 5:43 pmComments Off on Playing the Language

Former FBI Director Comey has a demonstrated a habit of playing the english language and sometimes omitting relevant facts when convenient like so many Democrats. If you tie the projection their so noted for together with playing the language their so noted for, you have some very disingenuous people to say the least.

Under a subpoena to preserve the record Hillary Clinton destroyed the record and Comey felt this wasn’t ‘extreme negligence’ so he called her actions ‘extremely careless’. He was right it wasn’t ‘extreme negligence’. It was done on purpose but it wasn’t ‘extremely careless’ either because it was done on purpose. Although she lit fire to any evidence against her and destroyed government records, Comey deduced that this firebug was guilty of nothing and the Republican Congress could shove its subpoena were the sun don’t shine.

I presume, according to Comey, a charge based on the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ would not apply either because the mere fact the Department of State servers were set-up by Hillary in her bathroom in her home, and there were only 30,0000 or so records destroyed were of no consequence. While others could find this curious when they find themselves in jail with the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ against them and at a place whereby ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ doesn’t apply to set them free.

Comey says he’s not a leaker and he didn’t leak the memos of the meeting with the President but he had earlier said he did so to insure the appointment of a special counsel. Later he said the memos he gave to his friend that later turned up in an article by the NY Times didn’t contain any classified information. He also later said that his actions in this matter were not a leak but were done to inform the media. There’s rumor to the effect that those memos did actually contain classified information.

When asked if he had informed the President that the Steele Dossier was initiated and paid for by the Hillary campaign, he answered simply, No!, indicating he thought it simply unimportant. Then when asked by Brett Baer, a host on Fox News just recently whether he should have apprised the President of that very important fact he answered that he didn’t know much about it but later found it was the Republicans who first began the research with Fusion GPS that produced the Dossier. The Republicans didn’t produce the Dossier nor did they pay for it, so why the withholding, the distortion and the deceit?

Comey says that there is no ‘deep state’ and those that think so are delirious. However, he admits that there is a ‘deep culture’ that is being attacked by those in the White House. Only Comey knows the difference ’cause he’s so smart.

If you hadn’t noticed, Comey referred to the President as a mafia like chieftain all this after trying to pull a ‘J Edgar Hoover’ style threat that Trump should be aware that Comey held an embarrassing document called the Steele Dossier hanging over his head. Ensuring the President that it was baseless all the while authorizing it be used by the FISA court to begin an counter-intelligence investigation against him supporting a FISA warrant for probable cause. This is the pot calling the kettle black and projection once again as always.

The FISA court judges should not be left out of this and we have yet to hear from them. Presumably they were mislead and yet you don’t hear a peep from any of them. Judges mislead if honest and not in league with the dishonesty and intrigue will always bring such lawyers to account. Always! The mere fact that they haven’t is a clear indication that they were in collusion with the administration and the corruption. There is no other conclusion and they must be held accountable as co-conspirators.

We have been endowed with a Democracy that at all times needs tender, loving care. Small individuals like barrack, hillary and comey along with their minions cnn, the washington post and the ny times diminish and threaten it like at no other time using it to capitalize it for their own selfish purposes. Where appropriate they will not allow the chips to fall where they may as is an inherent basis for a Republic based on the rule of law but manipulate or ignore these basis’ for their own advantage. You go to jail, they don’t. You suffer the consequences of your own actions, they profit from their misdeeds. You didn’t achieve success on your own. They were responsible for your success yet they’re not responsible for others poverty and failures, you are. An extortion attempt against the President makes him a mafia style individual. One President can issue and enforce an unconstitutional memo by rote but the other cannot rescind it.

When these misfits and criminals are finally indicted it will take years of testimony to get through to a final judgement. Their trials will have to be brought separately and apart from each other because the ‘deep state’ goes really, really deep and a massive endeavor to cover each individual involved over years of misdeeds.

You can call a donkey by another name but it is still a donkey!

They have brought this upon themselves and they cannot be rehabilitated. They must be removed for the sake of the Country they have so demonstrably harmed.

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