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    We Told You So, Andrew!

    August 6, 2019 2:42 pmComments Off on We Told You So, Andrew!
    We Told You So, Andrew!

    balloonsNY City police this passing summer have been bombarded with water-filled balloons by residents of the City. Disgraced, they simply drove away, making no arrests for the assault. In addition, it appears that they could care less what this looked like, giving the middle finger to Gov. Cuomo, Mayor DeBlasio, the City Council, the News Media and the community as a whole. The image is striking; the consequence of a long standing and never-ending assault by these leaders on the police, depicting them as low-lifes and criminals and lending them no support, indicting them and jailing them in some cases.

    When DeBlasio addresses them they turn their backs on him in an unprecedented sign of utter contempt. This suggests that currently, if you need police assistance your going to have to wait until after they finish their second donut and settle for a clean-up squad, after the fact. You’d be better off calling for the guy with the water hose.

    If those balloonists were arrested, in that hot summer heat, you most likely would have had a riot. If the hydrant was shut-off and locked, you would have had a riot. If those cops practiced policing as they should, and a riot ensued, they would have jeopardized their job, their very existence. It’s more than likely that they would have been suspended and subjected to a hearing and all that nasty stuff that follows in Lefty Land.

    Gov. Cuomo, the enabler himself, is embarrassed and suggests more training. I suggest that the police have already received their on-the-job training and have learned their lessons well. Not only are they practicable but prudent and learned. They are there on-the-job every day, practicing, practicing, practicing all that they have learned.
    It is the Governor, the Mayor and the City Council members that need training as to the consequences of what they do. They are in the throes of being taught a lesson for which they will never understand and the City and eventually the State will suffer for it.

    The post below is from our archives and a satire of hypothetical remedies that could be expected in the future from the dimwits we have leading us.

    Police Blotter-Year 2023
    From the pages of The NY Democrat (formerly The NY Times):

    January 1, 2023. Over the past few years and after hundreds of police officers throughout the State having been indicted and punished for improper policing of one sort or another, the Attorney General of NY State facing an unprecedented rise in crime over the last few years was forced to conduct a different investigation and found that NY State Police departments officers in various jurisdictions are sitting back and either not responding to or delaying response to 911 calls and mirroring tactics that have led to crime increases in Chicago and various other cities in the Country.

    Gov Cuomo reacted swiftly and has ordered new interdepartmental regulations requiring stiffer monitoring of local and state police officers activities. He in addition, and addressing the police department crisis in the State, has issued an executive order splitting the departments in all the affected areas into two sections; assigning response to 911 calls dependent on the officers political affiliation. 911 callers in addition to their need for help must identify their political party affiliation. Either a Republican or a Democrat officer will be assigned to respond to any incident dependent on the 911 callers political affiliation.

    The departments were split with 80% Democrat and 20% Republican officers based on their voter registration. After a brief period an initial study of its effectiveness had shown the 20% Republican 911 callers reporting a 98% approval rating while the 80% Democrat callers reporting at a 15% approval rating.

    Subsequently a study found a steady increase in the crime rate and the ineffectiveness of the police. The Governor made it plain that no one should confuse the coinciding increase in illegal aliens entering the State nor the States long-standing sanctuary policy with the increase in the crime rate.

    Results of the studies indicate greater measures are needed. Police department members will all receive an additional week of sensitivity training and an additional week of re-training at the Police academy. It will entail a psychological examination and an emphasis on community.

    The honorable John Brennan and former CIA director has been appointed to the States newly formed State Office of Police Accountability and will oversee implementation of policy and to address recruitment and the new sign-up bonus package.

    Insidius Innuendo

    July 29, 2019 11:11 pmComments Off on Insidius Innuendo
    Insidius Innuendo

    Beware! Beware of insidious innuendo.

    Chris Wallace used to mind his p’s and q’s but he’s come out of the closet this past year with full frontal attacks against Republicans using the Democrats painful line of artful distortion to cast aspersions.

    Chris Wallace hosted Mick Mulvaney, Acting Chief of Staff on Sunday and it was painful to watch the Rep. Jerry Nadler/Rep. Adam Schiff clone, Chris Wallace work his propaganda agenda:

    “MULVANEY: Mueller answered the single one outstanding question. He said — they asked him, would you have indicted the president if he were not the president? And Mueller said absolutely not, he would not do that. He answered —

    (CROSSTALK)WALLACE: No, that’s not what he said. No, that isn’t what he said. He said we didn’t because of the OLC, the Office of Legal Counsel guidelines. He said we didn’t even make a decision on that.

    MULVANEY: He got asked the question by Congressman Lieu, who I know, said would you have indicted him if he were not the president, and he said, yes, we would have and we went back to the beginning of a second hearing —

    (CROSSTALK)WALLACE: Right, and that’s when he said — he said, yes, he did, I agree. But what he said was that we — I wouldn’t have made it — we didn’t even make that decision because the guidelines prevented us from doing that.

    MULVANEY: I actually just think you’re wrong on that. If they could —

    (CROSSTALK)WALLACE: The record will show what it shows. I promise you you’re wrong.”

    No Chris, additionally Attorney General Barr verified on at least two occasions clarification from Mueller to confirm that the OLC ruling was not a consideration in finding that there was no evidence to bring charges against the President. Mueller was asked twice to verify it because his statements were not clear and because of the severe implications in using the OLC ruling. Chris Wallace just blatantly overlooks this history and in true Democrat fashion lies about it. A lie by omission in addition to distortion.

    CBS News quoted Mueller’s first answer as to why he didn’t charge the President and his correction as follows:

    “The reason again that you did not indict Donald Trump is because of the OLC opinion stating that you cannot indict a sitting president, correct?” Lieu had asked.
    “That is correct,” Mueller replied. There was a bit of a stir over Mueller’s initial response to Lieu because it sounded like he was saying that he might have indicted Mr. Trump were it not for the fact that he is the president. This is a conclusion that did not appear in the special counsel’s report or in his prior public statement.
    Mueller amended his answer to Lieu in the afternoon, during his opening statement before the House Intelligence committee.
    “Before we go to questions, I want to add one correction to my testimony this morning,” Mueller told the panel. “I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr. Lieu who said, and I quote, ‘You didn’t charge the president because of the OLC opinion.’ That is not the correct way to say it. As we say in the report, and as I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime.”

    As an aside:(Note: CBS used this quote to smear the President just like the fake newsmakers they are, developing an attack on Trump, insinuating Mueller said that the President could face charges for this after leaving office. Mueller said that Trump could indeed face charges I assume, just like anyone else to include driving without a secured seat belt, speeding, or jay walking and not necessarily for a charge of obstruction of justice without evidence of a crime. Actually, they could frame the President once again and forever more, as many times as they want. Why not?  They’re fully capable of taking this smearing to the grave. They’re sending a message that should strike fear in everyone. That’s the way they operate, they do it all the time to so many people.

    Chris-Boy submitted a really convoluted argument even though false, sounding like he thought he could indict and smear the President once again and get away with it just like every doggone lefty in the Country.

    Then, in the same interview he asked another leading question suggesting that the President was a racist for attacking people of color. The people of color that had coincidentily attacked him. Let’s face it, Elijah Cummings is no pussy cat and is out for blood. In the end, these phony charges are serious business for this guy is a hanging judge, accusing Trump of treason, and subject to execution by hanging until he’s dead.

    Trump doesn’t give a hoot for the color of your skin. He doesn’t care whether it’s pink or purple. If your a monster, you’re worthy of villification and of a response to an attack. Wallace is actually the racist. He’s shown that he believes that if your a person of color you are to be given a pass. In other words, and implicit in his charge, he believes that they are expected to fail. He anticipates that they are incapable of excellence and that should be taken into account when dealing with people of color. Be kind. Be gentle for they are the downtrodden and held to a lesser standard. If you don’t believe they are inferior and don’t give them a pass,  then your a racist.

    Wallace used to have my respect thinking he was an equal opportunity antagonist, but no more.

    Chris Wallace please pack your bags and leave the Country, sooner rather than later. Geez! The next thing you know, he’ll be running for public office!


    America. Love it or leave it!

    July 22, 2019 8:19 pmComments Off on America. Love it or leave it!

    President Trump has called for the Squad to love America or leave it, to go back from whence they came. In effect Rep Omar referred back to Somalia and AOC back to the People’s Republic of Queens, in New York City.

    The Squad, made-up of four women of color have called for the condemnation of Israel, the support of the Palestinian Liberation Organ, the support of ISIS and Iran and that of Cuba and Venezuelan dictators. In contrast they have called America “garbage”. They have called for minorities to speak with their respective tongue based on their skin pigmentation of black and brown, and gay sexual orientation. They have called for his impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors and called the President a traitor, a racist, a bigot, and in general a despicable white man involved in crimes against people of color like all the rest of white America, past and present.

    They have called for the elimination of fossil fuels, eliminating methane in our air due to cow flatulation and tearing down all offending non-eco friendly buildings and replacing them with Green friendly oasis’s. They have called for the elimination of gasoline automobiles and guns. They call for free health care for all alongside open borders, free education, a guaranteed income whether you work or not and so much more for free, free, free.

    PhilliPee Reines, Hillary’s excuser from the past, gave his disturbed view on the issue with great belief and self-righteousness, on Fox News tonight. Listening to him I felt that Pee was couching this revelation of his, as his great contribution to share with the masses. He drummed-up this argument all by himself, and said that you don’t hear of Trump calling for Chucky Schummer or Nancy Pelosi to “go back from where they came?”. Thereafter he hesitated as he looked around toward the window as if waiting for the clouds to part, bathing all racists in the sunshine of enlightenment while he contemplated the brilliance of his revelation.

    The only trouble is that Chucky and Nancy never called for the condemnation of Israel, the support of the Palestinian Liberation Organ, the support of ISIS and Iran and that of Cuba and Venezuelan dictators nor support for other enemies of America as the Squad does reflexively.

    They are nuts too, calling for trillions in freebies, impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors and calling the President a traitor, a racist, a bigot, and in general a despicable man involved in crimes against the people. They’re just not the racist traitors in waiting that Reps Omar, AOC, Pressley and Tlaib are.

    If there is ever an invasion of America by a hostile Communist/leftist force, which side of the fight do you think the Squad members would be on? Which side would you think would be more supportive of their view for the future of America?

    Diversity in America is one of our strengths. This diversity of thought by this cabal is another thing entirely!

    America. Love it or leave it!


    The Cats Out of the Bag!

    July 3, 2019 3:54 pmComments Off on The Cats Out of the Bag!
    The Cats Out of the Bag!

    Incrementalism is a tactic used by the Democrats, the Media and their surrogates to force change in social norms, to break down society, disparage the existing culture in a concerted way.  No one is in charge, they all of the same mind, citizens, legislatures professors and the media act in concert by rote.

    President Clinton determined that the public could be persuaded  ie: brainwashed,  if enough energy and media attention was concentrated to demonize the targeted community or persons.

    Just to demonstrate, when I grew up, smoking on airplanes, trains and just about everywhere was the norm. Smoke trails wafted through the air in bars, restaurants, at work and in municipal buildings. Cigarette trays were all over the place for the convenience of customers and theater goers and then one day someone protested at a restaurant and asked that the smoker move to a separate dining room and he complied.

    The government got into the act and required separate dining for smokers and  places had to be outfitted with a smoke-eater.

    After that they ordered that smoking only be allowed in bars and then it wasn’t allowed there either and they complied. Then everyone moved it outside but then that didn’t suffice and smokers moved to the Parks where eventually it was prohibited once again.

    All the while these dirty filthy smokers were paying $100.00 for a carton of cigarettes and they couldn’t find a place to smoke ’em. ‘Smoke ’em if you got ’em’ was no longer a queue for a work break and no one could stand you any more, you filthy creature. You were killing the children with your cigarettes and fowling everyone’s air.

    The same thing happened to Vietnam vets. Vilified and outcast, they hid their shiny metals in the closet. Our monuments and history are being defiled, all to placate the little creepies we find leading our Nation today that find America so distasteful.

    They’ve learned a thing or two in college and now they are implementing it from their establishment safe-zones, all on the same page.

    Stick a plug in the ass-end of your cow and get up enough speed in your pedal car and you are on your way to acceptance in todays society.

    That’s not the half of it.  Stay tuned for we all wish to see how this plays out.

    Give ’em an inch and they will take a mile. It is endless and non-cessing for they are the Left, and they are in charge to the detriment of all. There are hordes of them knocking down our doors and our culture will be smitten under this relentless attack.


    So What!

    June 3, 2019 3:31 pmComments Off on So What!
    So What!

    The several accusations of obstruction of justice by Trump are really, really juicy if your looking from the eyes of a hungry Democrat. They are not if you are looking at them by anyone else.

    During and after the election, the transition period of Team Trump, officials of the campaign spoke with Russians. No deals were made.

    During and after the election, the transition period of Team Trump came under investigation for speaking with Russians and talking about deals.

    During and after the election, the President found himself under investigation for being a traitor because of these discussions with Russians.

    Jeff Sessions recused himself because he greeted the Russian ambassador at an event. Don Jr. was under fire for talking to a Russian because she may have dirt on Hillary. Comey was fired because he was a jerk and it didn’t allow for this deep state jerk to disembowel the administrations efforts. Mueller’s obvious conflicts of interest as special insinuator were not to be addressed and Trumps desire and efforts to fire him brought imbroglio among the twerps in advisory positions in Trumps cabinet.

    In the beginning, they should have just addressed the crap-ola as a ‘So What’. They didn’t. They took it seriously and not as the big joke that it was.

    The Democrats who brung it are a big joke and to think that anyone would take any of this seriously is comical. Those who take it seriously, must think of themselves with great importance, giving it credence when it should have been addressed with a laugh, a shrug or a choke.

    Therefor the game plan by Democrats used very successfully thusfar, is to level a false charge and when repudiated and fought against, charge the victim this time with obstruction.


    Justice Turned on its Head

    3:29 pmComments Off on Justice Turned on its Head
    Justice Turned on its Head

    Special Counsel Mueller says repetitiously and in essence in his statement today that he would prefer that Trump be charged by the Democrat Congress and impeached for obstruction of justice. He couldn’t do it because he was not allowed to charge a sitting President with a crime.

    If he had confidence that Trump had committed a crime, you could bet your booty, that he would have said so, but that’s not what he said.

    Instead this is what he actually said…..

    “If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” Mueller said about the obstruction of justice inquiry into President Trump.

    “We did not determine whether the president did commit a crime.”

    The seasoned lawyer and nonsense manager had two plus years of investigative power and could not come-up with evidence of any obstruction of justice by the President so he twisted justice by replacing a negative with a maybe? This guy is no investigator, he’s a tormentor and Democrat operative to boot;  a political hack.

    He’s enabled and opened the door for the Democrats to further rampage for impeachment whereas his statement if in line with procedural norms and professionalism and non-partisanship would have simply stated that there is insufficient evidence to charge the President with obstruction of justice.

    When you say your not allowed to charge, or if we had confidence that he didn’t commit or we didn’t determine that he didn’t commit a crime you insinuate that there is something, when there is nothing.

    He could have said that on the other hand that if they found that the President had committed a crime they would have said so.

    This wordsmith found no evidence what-so-ever and so he spun it.

    What form of obstruction are you committing when you speak out against a fraudulent charge in full earshot of the public?  In the end it is a crime for those that brought the false charge, certainly not the victims.

    Therefor the game plan by Democrats used very successfully thusfar, is to level a false charge and when repudiated and fought against, charge the victim this time with obstruction.

    These Democrats have turned the law on its head. How is it that this trash can get away with this?

    It happens because you let it happen. You post your vote for these miscreants and believe me, what goes around comes around and when you’re facing these beasties in your community you deserve everything they throw at you. Especially since you’ve allowed them to entrench themselves into your  government and you can’t ever rid yourself of them.

    Your self-serving and jealousy of others will be your undoing. The law is turned on  its head and they will eventually get around to you too.

    Today according to Democrat law and Democrat implementation of law you are guilty if they charge you until you prove your innocence. Try that one on for size.

    Bearing False Witness!

    3:28 pmComments Off on Bearing False Witness!
    Bearing False Witness!

    Bearing false witness against another is a trait used repeatedly and weaponized by disgruntled looser’s and Democrats.

    Making false claims is disruptive to the stability of our Country. Not only that, bearing false witness is a clear indicator of one’s lack of character and integrity. You should have nothing to do with people of this sort let-alone vote for them to lead you. You should avoid them like the plague; like the vermin they are. Their claims are not worth the paper they are written on and should be stored in the bathroom only for emergencies in case you run-out.

    If Democrats have evidence of a crime they have a duty to file it with the Justice Department.  They should be very careful though for filing a false report is a crime. Somehow lawmakers and prosecutors get away with spewing these falsities in news stories everyday of the week, and filing false lawsuits, false complaints and voicing false testimony. The problem is that the Media and Democrats use this tactic everyday and suffer no consequence.

    They get away with it because they control eighty percent of the news delivery system. For two years they claimed they had evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians and they made sure you heard about it 24/7.  They had evidence of a crime yet they never filed it with the Justice Department?  They had no proof and had to go around that and rely on their imbeds to appoint Mueller the Special prosecutor.  Now that that has been disproven they continue to make the same claim day after day. Additionally, they claim he obstructed justice by disparaging the prosecutors and threatening to fire them;  none of which is obstruction. In spite of the evidence to the contrary they continue the same attack, the same lies.

    The tables have begun to turn for just this week the Washington Post ran a headline mentioning that Fox News’ take on the Trump/Russian investigation was correct. Also the New York Times issued a similar story basically admitting they too were wrong.  No! They weren’t just wrong. They were complicit in the lies and the distortions. They posted false stories; fake news propping up the Democrats and now they want you to forget what they did. They weren’t just wrong. They were in it with both feet.

    Well it’s not going to be that easy to just wriggle and squirm their way-out of their fake crap. They expect to just walk away from this without any damage to their reputation. Don’t let them do it. Never forget what they have done and who they are!

    You are judged by your associations. Don’t be seen hanging around with these miscreants ’cause it’s gonna rub off on you!

    You should avoid them like the plague; like the vermin they are or your reputation will be in the sewer, floating alongside theirs.

    It’s only a matter of time and they will turn on you too and stab you in the back. With friends like these who needs enemies?

    Et tu, Brute’!

    Nancy’s World

    3:25 pmComments Off on Nancy’s World
    Nancy’s World

    Nancy Pelosi claims that Trumps immigration policy gives merit to just those deserving ….only in the eye’s of Donald Trump. His policy discounts the achievements of those that have come before and contributed greatly to our society under no such restrictions. Leave it to a lefty to find the one argument to counter a sane immigration policy to scuttle it and forward the Democrats agenda for open borders.

    Therefor, Ellis Island must have been a mirage. Requirements for entry into the  US never existed and there is no fix for our immigration crisis, the crisis made-up by Trumps imagination. We must assume that she acknowledges that we do have immigration laws but that doesn’t necessarily require that we enforce them. If you can sneak in, your in, and contribute to or maybe not contribute to our society.

    We the mindless people, understood that contagion, language, customs and the allegiance to our Country were all issues relevant to our stability as a Nation. We mindlessly expected enforcement of those standards and believed that adherence to them were assured by like-minded legislatures whether Democrat or Republican. Oh! No, no, no! You are misguided.

    To the contrary, she has bigger things blowing in the wind. There is this little thing of the up-coming election. There’s a need to debase the successes of the present administration and you cannot institute Socialism according to Marx when that system is a full blown success. You do everything to crumble it

    The Commies are coming. You are in the way. Stand aside and weather the chaos for a better day.  Nancy will show you the way.

    Leave Them to Themselves!

    May 13, 2019 8:37 amComments Off on Leave Them to Themselves!

    When President Obama was in office he granted amnesty to a certain class of illegal immigrants. They are the Dreamers. In so doing he said that they would not be eligible for Social Security or other free services from the American people. Why did he lie to us and can this continue?

    With many Sanctuary Cities declaring themselves today and filing lawsuits in defiance, the fabrications by the past administration take on new meaning. Illegal immigrants are receiving full benefits under these Cities policies contrary to Federal law and contrary to what the ex-President said and using Federal money to unlawfully subsidize illegals. Since the withholding of grant money to these Cities is small potatoes an enlargement of the penalties is in order.

    When you lie to someone, you cheat them. When you lie to someone and cheat them and force them to pay the living expenses of others, you are a thief. Democrats have told us time and time again that whenever it looks this way, it’s not.

    Go online to the Children’s Aid Society. It advises illegal immigrants to “Know your Rights”. (

    The website is very specific as to the benefits illegal immigrants are rightfully entitled to under written law from the pockets of the American people. Benefits to illegals are already in place and what the ex-President told us was a willful lie.

    The website clearly states:  “Undocumented immigrants can obtain a tax identification (id) number if they do not have a Social Security number, but they will not be able to take advantage of some benefits of citizen taxpayers such as receiving Social Security benefits and other tax credits.”

    In this statement and in each and every case they state that illegals are not eligible for entitlements and then they give them eligibility. You may still qualify. You can avoid disclosure and get the benefit.  You can’t receive the benefit but Immigration status is irrelevant and you can get the benefit regardless. The worst part is that they have built this, this way, so that they can deceive you. This is moronic and written by deceitful Democrats so that they may quote the first part and disregard the second just as Obama did.


    Public housing: In general, only legal immigrants are eligible. In the case of mixed families, the family may still qualify for public housing but the amount of the family’s housing subsidy will be reduced accordingly for those who decline to submit their documentary evidence. New York City Housing Authority (nycha) requires all tenants to verify citizenship or immigration status, but family members can avoid disclosure by “electing not to contend.”


    Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for public assistance but may receive other benefits and services necessary for health and survival. Below is a list of resources for low-income undocumented immigrant families.

    Workers Compensation provides weekly cash payments and covers the cost of medical treatment, including rehabilitation, for covered employees who become disabled as a result of injury (or disease) connected with their employment. It also provides payments for qualified dependents of a worker who dies from an injury or illness. The New York State Attorney General’s Office advises that Workers Compensation benefits are available to anyone who worked including those paid in cash, paid off the books, paid as independent contractors or otherwise not reported to the government as an employee. Immigration status is irrelevant.


    HHC Plus: All financially eligible undocumented adults can obtain discounted medical care, including prescriptions and mental health treatment, through the Health and Hospitals Corporation. Parents
    may earn up to 150% of the federal poverty level, childless adults up to 100%. Patients pay $15 per

    Millions of undocumented are getting housing assistance, food stamps, free health and child delivery, school, school breakfast and lunch, Medicaid, prescriptions, unemployment payments, and the list goes on and on as if they were legal citizens. They are eligible for free college and they will receive a license to drive there, and call their friends on Obama phones.

    Prospective hopeful immigrants applying for citizenship waiting on line will never get here. Fairness matters not. In other words, the next thug that pushes in front of you in line at the grocery or theatre because he/she has better things to do than listen to your gripes and protestations, give them wide berth, for they are entitled and they are special. You’re not!

    What the ex-President said is irrevelant.  It was the same with Obama care when he said you can keep your doctor if you want to, except, this time we all know he’s unabashed and was fully capable of looking us straight in the eye and lying.

    In order to get a handle on this problem, laws giving benefits to illegals have to be changed so that eligibility does not cover the worlds population and encourage them to land here and instantly go on public assistance indefinitely.

    There are no consequences for defiance but there is plenty of encouragement.

    The opportunity to change this and so much more was lost under the Speakership of Paul Ryan and his Deputy McCarthy who dallied when in charge. With illegals pouring over the border as of late, we suffer the consequences daily with no fix in sight except those initiated by the President who has limited opportunities.

    Obama and the Democrats had distributed the illegals into targeted regions to affect and to be used for voter registration. The President has the right to do the same as the Obama administration and the Democrats and has hinted he’s considering it. Now, suddenly the Democrats are claiming it’s illegal to do so.

    If as proposed, the Immigration authorities send them to sanctuary cities, it will stem the affect on voting in 2020 as these regions are already lost to the Democrats.  If not, while having the opportunity, the election is up for grabs and we could well lose it. We’ve already lost several States as a result and in Texas, things they are a-changing for the worse. They are inundated with illegals. If you lose Texas, and there have been warning signs abounding, Republicans will never again recover and will lose every Federal election from that day forward.

    This proposal is no less than an imperative. Give them a train or bus ticket to San Francisco where Pelosi resides and 42nd Street, in Manhattan where Chucky Schumer holds sway and buy a set of ear plugs  ’cause the sound and fury will be deafening but the curation a phenomenal artistic endeavor with grit.

    Let’s get on with it and do some freelancing, huh?

    The Ragged Cloaking in Vogue

    October 26, 2018 8:05 amComments Off on The Ragged Cloaking in Vogue, a lifestyle magazine and website should stick to hanging drapes and stay away from political commentary. When it comes to either they’re missing a stitch.

    In their article about ‘The 25 Worst Lies From Donald Trump’s First 200 Days’, 

    Just pick anyone of their positions from this article and it’s hard to find any model that has a leg to stand on.

    For instructive purposes let’s take one of the 20 so-called lies whereby they quote Trumps tweet:

    Trump:   February 9: “Chris Cuomo, in his interview with Sen. Blumenthal, never asked him about his long-term lie about his brave ‘service’ in Vietnam. FAKE NEWS!”

    Vogue:   This was, in fact, Cuomo’s first question in the interview.

    They called this tweet a lie, one of 20, and said that “This was, in fact, Cuomo’s first question in the interview.” Oh! was it now? Below is the full video of that interview.  Cuomo asked Blumenthal two questions, one of DACA and one on the Nunez report. Furthermore it was not the “first question in the interview”. There was no question of Blumenthal’s faking his Vietnam bravery just as Trump said. Fake News!

    Vogue aligned themselves with Blumenthal the faker, the Democrat, the disgraced and lied, producing more “Fake News”.

    Vogue is a ragged enterprise with a ragged bunch of disdainful liars selling cheap goods at high prices, selling misinformation and cloaking it with self proclaimed righteous and indignation.

    Don’t fret about why they do this. They do it because they can and they can get away with it.

    It doesn’t matter where you go today the spreading of lies and distortions has reached epidemic proportions in the Main. For people of this kind to criticize others is beyond the pale as they lie their way through life. If they lie in print and in public about public figures you can be sure that they’re lying to their co-workers, partners, family and friends. Their life is just one big lie and you should trust them only as far as you can throw them. These are aggressive actions using falsities and slander from people with no moral standards or boundaries.

    Yesterday there was a threat to them and bombs sent in the mail to them and to a man, they’ve changed their tune and are blaming Trump for it and demanding civility where before they called for chaos. They no longer want to punch him in the face, take him out, blow up the White House, nor harass Republicans in their homes and in restaurants, shoot them nor kick them.

    If asked, will they rescind their call for incivility and harassment along with their new found fear of retaliation and their newly enlightened call for civility?

    Garbage in….. Garbage out…… but what a difference a day makes.

    Vogue is owned by Condé Nast Inc.  Dame Anna Wintour is editor in chief.

    Wintour carries dual citizenship and honored with the British title of Dame. Condé Nast:  19 brands and media: Allure, Architectural Digest, Ars Technica, Backchannel, Bon Appétit, Brides, Condé Nast Traveler, Epicurious, Glamour, Golf Digest, GQ, Pitchfork, Self, Teen Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W and Wired.

    This Dame edited this rag of a magazine and produced the crap in it and will continue to do it tomorrow and every day thereafter. Will Queen Elizabeth please reconsider Wintour’s title and revoke it?

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